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by Amy Cubbison on November 30th, 2005


So it is up to me to control my not so nice side so as not to let (as my niece Katie says) one uppers bother me……and I am also probably also justifying our family moving away from this area so IT DOES NOT HURT! I know I am not going far, but this has been our home for 7 years and we have raised our children here. These have been the best years of my life SO FAR!

And by the way, we all know that the things that we don’t like in others are often a small part or some part in ourselves. I will never forget when my sister Lisa and I discovered projection. It ruined our fights because we just turned everything around to the other person. It was not fun to accuse her of anything. It was too showing of myself.

I just pray everyday that we will all be happy in our new neighborhood and we will have wonderful, loving friends and a somewhat small sense of community. (I like to know more or less everyone in the neighborhood.) I loved growing up and knowing all of our neighbors names. I love saying ” hello,” and waving to cars that pass, after all, that is what I did as a child. That was also one of the reasons we bought this house, because it seemed like the type of neighborhood that our kids could play in the streets. It turns out not so due to traffic down our street and crazies in the world.

My friend Melanie was talking about how when she was young she and her siblings would leave in the am and come back in the pm. Our parents did not have to worry about us getting bored or watching too much TV back then – and we certainly got enough exercise. The statistics actually say that we have not experienced unsafer areas but just that communication is so much better, so now we hear about all of the crazy things that go on. But in saying that, knowing about the things that can go on with our children we would be crazy to let them go off by themselves.

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