Kaylee Has Been So Cute Lately

by Amy Cubbison on November 29th, 2005

Kaylee has been so cute lately (more than normal) she has been saying sentences like, “Where did Mommy go?” or “Where did birdies go?” (Remember we are an ornithology household…however you spell that.) She also sits down on the couch and covers herself to go night night with her baby. I just stare at her all of the time-I want to eat her up!!!

But unfortunately today my little angel is sooo sick-she has been throwing up all day-her little bright light shining inside of her is so dim!!! I can’t get any packing done cause I can’t put her down…..Leah is not coming this week either cause her daughter is having the operation but it looks like Medicare is going to cover it!!!! Thank God!

So here I sit with throw up all over my shirt, comforting my baby and remember this is true love-because I do not care about myself, only her!!! And hope to God throw up phobic Wills does not get this bug!

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