Not the Best at Being on Time to School with the Kids

by Amy Cubbison on November 29th, 2005

I know I have not been the best at being on time for school with my kids but I have improved. I remember this time last year the Principal’s note was for twelve tardies and this year it’s only seven! Yeah. It’s about progress not perfection! I wish people were more relaxed in the human race and not so judgemental and critical. Most people including me know when I am doing not the best for myself or my children and are trying to improve. *my issue is that each person has their own struggles in life and needs to accept themselves while working on it.

On Monday I had sooo much to do and did not want to volunteer-plus William was tired so I let him sleep in a bit (Jac wet his bed, so was upset and up for part of the night). So at about eleven I took William to school and was signing him in and the receptionist said, “Another appointment?” and I said, “No, he was up at night and very tired.” It bothered me because I knew she was going to gossip about it later on in the day (they are very cliquey in the office there and promote gossip).

I just felt like i was glad I was leaving because I do not want to be gossiped about! I think that is so unprofessional. I will miss many people around here and certain things that I love about this area; his teacher Mrs. Murphy is a doll. The principal is also amazing. She cares and knows about each student! I just do not like the sort of keep up with Jones feeling around here. I know that is a bit everywhere but I think it is more apparent in a new community.

I like the live and let live mentality as long as nobody is being hurt and no laws are being broken. I am sort of a liberal person when it comes to following rules. I am flexible. One time I told my mother I was a free spirit and she laughed and said, “A high-maintenance free spirit!” (I like to get pampered.)Everyday I feel like we are doing the right thing, moving, it’s just a big pain right now.

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