Picked William Up From School

by Amy Cubbison on November 28th, 2005

When I picked William up from school today he told me everyone was teasing him because of his biting his shirt. He also said they were teasing him when his friend’s Mom gave him back his underwear that her son borrowed. I felt so bad for him.

And then he said that he felt that he did not have a best friend anymore…It seems some of his friends are having different interests now. It is difficult to tell when William is working me or not because he has tons of friends, is super friendly, and others seem to like him-but he gets hurt easy (sounds familiar).

I had dinner with a good friend from church Marcy last night (yes another birthday dinner)?? I am celebrating this whole month~! Anyway she told me that she was also concerned about her children having best friends and that her doctor told her that as long as children have some friends and a nice network of friends, whether at school or at church, that is enough! William wants a play date every single day and that has to stop because it is hard to fulfill and then he wants to be stimulated constantly…

My friend Marci also told me a great quote, that “they should package empathy and give it away as wedding present.” I thought that was profound because if we all could be more empathetic there would be so much less hostility in the world. I know when I am upset and sit back to think about what the other person’s perspective is it really calms me down.

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