Happy New Year!

by Amy Cubbison on December 31st, 2008

I am going to have a happy New Years if my dream last night was any indication of it. Arnold Schwargenagger was grabbing my bum and telling me how nice and firm it was. Ha ha.  I think cuz a waiter the other day sounded like him that it brought it up to my alter ego. I also was driving around in my old convertiable Miata and people were critisizing me for driving an outdated car. I said, ‘It is just for fun, my other car is a Mommy Mobile.” Ha.

Anyways Wills is driving me crazy to go get more white clay from the art store. It is a matter of life and or death. So I better go cuz if he does not stop buggin me I may clip him. Ha ha. I am so joking but these days I guess I should not joke about that. Why has everything gotten so pc and paranoid?

I have to do some work, then go off to the gym to burn some of the thousands I have had this week. we are headed to my parents early and then dinner with the Family. We will be back early although lot of family members are trying to convince me otherwise. Neil never likes to stay out late. Besides our neighbors are having a party and close to home. Hopefully I will have some funny stories for you after tonight. Last night I had my niece and nephew over for a yummy halibut dinner if I do say so myself and then my niece and I laughed our asses off about our childhoods. I sort of felt bad for terrorizing her. I guess Jean and I made her read Playgirl out loud in a tape recorder and then played it for my parents to get her in trouble. OMG. Was I ever that naughty?

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