Happy New Year – 3rd Day!

by Amy Cubbison on January 3rd, 2009

Funny events in the past few days that I tried to log in my memory:  Not sure if I wrote about this one but it was funny as heck. I made fried rice for the kids and Wills said, “I love this so much, when I am grown up and sad-will you make it for me?” I said, “Sure.” He said, “You won’t have to go far I will be right next door.” He always say’s he is going to buy one of the neighbors houses when he grows up. I believe it.

I feel like I have had four kids this vacation. First off according to our kids, we are the only family that did not go away on vacation-poor Cubbison’s. I told them we will in January/February. I hate crowds and also we had relatives in town. Anyways my Nephew Joey stayed over night like five times. He is twelve and both Wills and Jac are infatuated with him. That is fine and all but when Wills is infatuated what does that mean-Hyper beyond belief. He has been bouncing off the walls and biting his tshirt. Now he has a rash around his mouth and chest. Poor little lad. Joey is a good boy and a good role model so that is good. The boys wanted so much for Joey to be happy so he would stay. I hate to see that cuz I use to feel like I had to be so entertaining for anyone to want to stay with me.

Last night we were invited to my longtime friend Tracy’s new home. Not the regular Tracy, but they just bought a home and remodeled it. It was too much to do in one day but I figure Monday is the end of this whirlwind and yes I am feeling it once again. The kids all complained the entire way there-which I might as well tell you took fricken forever. I had no idea where I was going. I was stressed and nervous and all three kids just made it worse. They have little faith in me finding things-as they should but let me tell you that is how I spell STRESS. They were all saying,””Are we in Mexico? I want Daddy. When will we get there? I am tired, I am hungry.” etc. Then they had a nice time.

The friends’ home is awesome and amazing. I just love and appreciate homes. I was acknowledging that when I was younger if I was envious of someone or saw too much stimulation it would get me super scattered and feel like “I” was worthless. I was happy to realize that has changed in me and acknowledging that Wills may have some of those feelings. Anyways it was a nice night and then on the way home they all complained again, “It is too late now, I am tired, is the drive long?” I was thinking if anyone who had one kid or none saw this they would run for the hills-that or get snipped.

Today we have a football party. Of course nobody wants to go but Kaylee and I, the partiers. That would be find except for then I get reamed for going. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I have really tried to slow down and sit down with the kids and do things slower. It feels good I hope I can keep it up. I have a lot of new Years resolutions. Neil said they are the same every year and I keep saying them until they all come true, and usually they do.

I am feeling a bit more peaceful, calm and clear in my mind and my heart. I have let go of some unhealthy people, places and things. Bravo-!!! Bravo for me!! Ha. Just playing. I need to be my own cheerleader sometimes cuz I am definitely very critical of myself when I do something wrong. I am trying to remember “The soul attracts what it wants to attract and or talks about.” So I am not going to spell out my resolutions but say that they are important and will make me the person I want to become.

My friend told me that I sounded a bit like a broken record. That sort of hit the spot, since it is true. I write things in my little corny, poems and she noticed. I asked her hopefully if she thought anybody else would notice. She said, “Maybe a few.” I said,”Hmm that is why I do not get tons of responses.” Ha ha……oh well one resolution is to keep up on current events but also laugh, laugh a lot more and tell jokes.

Had a blast with my family although my niece and I had a very MINOR altercation because we both were pmsing. We usually never have any conflict. It was funny and just showed me everyone at some point has these. And it was super small so family didn’t make a big deal of it. My nephew Andrew is (25) so darn cute and Hor&* as all get out cuz he is 25 and in his prime. I am his new best friend. ha. He is a doll and I love his heart. He is also a great dancer.

Kaylee was with her niece Olivia yesterday. I took all the kids to the Aquarium. It was so packed but they had fun. At one point Kaylee was whispering to Olivia,”We need to be good cuz umm umm umm there are dangerous people out there.” It was a riot. She was acting like a spy. That’s all for now!

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