by Amy Cubbison on January 16th, 2009

Morning major, as Neil use to say. Never did get that much, along with some other English sayings. So here I am the quiet before the storm, begging my neighbor for a cup of java ( i almost said jamba) I was speaking Amy langauge that only I can understand. Anyways I don’t know how to work our coffee pot. The kids are still in bed and it is sooo nice. Do I seem excited? I actually have time to blog and think. It is funny at night I use to love to watch tv in bed-now I just want to put my Dive cd on and breath and or read. It is very peaceful. The tv stimulates me too much.

These days it is all about sleep-but not tonight. I have worked hard this week and been with the kids constantly so tonight a bunch of us are going dancing. I know I say I am cutting back on going out and I have but I need one dance night occasionally. I love to dance. I have been feeling pretty good lately. I am so appreciating good health and daily life. I keep thinking about how if we have our health we have it all. I have been thinking and feeling really creative lately as well. That is usually when I have been having quiet time-I flourish.

Kaylee and her little sayings-yesterday she slipped and said, “Wow I was not expecting that?” Her personality cracks me up. I can’t think of others right now except on more-she said that when I slam on the brakes in the car, it hurts her shoulder and neck. Bad Mommy. I felt so bad. She said,”why do people always cut us off?” Hmmmmmmm. I just went with it and said, “I don’t know.” Then she said, “dont they know we were on tv?” I was thinking, ‘Where does she get that from?’ I set her straight again-somebody must have said that to her at school. Crazy thinking. Ha.

Had a great visit with my parents the other night. I just brought Kaylee and Wills and Wills chatted with them the entire night. I like one on one with the boys. It was like dinner and a show between Kaylee and Wills. I barely got a word in edgewise. Lol. But, I did look through old photographs and then found a scrapbook I made for my father about our family trip to Okinawa. I was very impressed with myself, I must say, for not being an organized person. I read it to my father and he smiled the entire time. I showed pictures of my father challenging the Japanese men to the wheel and push ups. We were there for the anniversary of World War II. That made me want to start and or continue my photo albums. semi scrap books, and organize important things for my children.

Jac has been so cuddly while Neil is gone. It is nice but a bit overbearing. I feel bad when I have had enough but he does it when I am working or doing something. It is really nice to get the cuddles though. Last night Wills was telling me his penis hurt and he kept on having to squeeze it. I called Neil because as I said, “I don’t have one of those so I have no idea.” Ha ha……..Thank God, I say-they seem like they would always get in the way. Wills also tells me he likes a little girl, who does not know he is alive. Ha. Where have I heard that before. He said he likes girls with blond hair and freckles for some reason.

I made the kids favorite fried rice last night. They loved it so much. It is nice cuz I can get away with a few vegetables in there that they eat. I love to make some food that they love. WIlls also told me he is trying not to act silly/weird anymore at school but he still will always be unique. I agree. He said these two girls are giving him lessons. How cute. Off to the gym, and then to sneak away and see a movie with Diane. I have tons to do but hey life is short and I have done some organzing and things I need to do around the house this week.

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