Oops I did it again

by Amy Cubbison on January 8th, 2009

Ooppsy……..I did it again.I swore I never would take three kids to Target again. The grocery store is bad enough but one short cut to a nervous breakdown is taking three kids to Target. I am sure I made or we made a spectacle of ourselves, a crazy Mom and three out of control kids. I was screaming at the end. I think those damn slurpies did not help any. That fricken red dye crap…..gotta avoid it especially with my kids. I got out of there with some of what I needed, three shut up inexpensive toys that we did not need and managed to live to tell about it.

Yesterday I had a great day during the day without the kids. It feels so good sometimes then I start to miss Kaylee cuz I am use to her with me. I keep thinking I left her somewhere. I managed to get nothing accomplished but had a good day. I worked out with Stacy H. and then went to an amazing healthy cheap lunch. We were going to go shopping but I am taking one day at a time and saying “No” to myself everytime I think of it. I really need to watch the money as we all do. It is a daily thing for me-Shopaholics anonymous. When stress comes in the picture I go shopping! then I get in a trouble.

Not fun! My niece says how did you get so many beautiful things clothes, shoes, purses. I said it is called, DEBT. Not anymore lets hope. I am focusing a lot on my business and can’t wait to have a great year. I also need to cut down on those fricken lunches I love to do. Had tons of events that happened that I wanted to write about it the past few days but they went way side (what does that mean anyways?) I Know I am a tease when I say that but seriously folks.

Oh one thing I have felt other than anxious or sensitive (as usual) in the past few days as if I have been having out of body experiences (no I am not crazy) but looking at life, me my actions, and everything around me and taking it in. It is hard to explain but you know when you say a word over and over again and it sounds weird? Sort of like that but doing it with things. Like life is bizarre and noticing it all along the way. I dont’ know how to explain it better but it has been sort of cool and being in the moment which I am getting better at but working on. Gotta get the kids out the door -on time today and hopefully this day forth.

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