by Amy Cubbison on February 4th, 2009

Damn it……..(is Wills around?? whew). Can’t swear at our house. The Gestapo is around….Ha. My friends are afraid of him. He paces around our house when friends are over, if they dare to stay after seven thirty. He is like our father. We are all scared of him…..ha ha. The other night I was standing by my friend’s car while she smoked and he came out and we both ran. He would be so upset if I was even around a friend who smoked….I guess I won’t have to worry about him being a wreckless teen. Think he is going to be a good boy.

So I am trying to blog early today to make sure. Tonight we are going out with my parents to celebrate their anniversary. oh yea uh huh. Good wine, good dinner and great company. I found a Valentine’s I made my parents years ago. I even remember making it. Wills noticed that I wrote about my mother’s typerwriter and said, “Man that was in the olden days.” Ha ha. Scary thought…

Kaylee is so excited about Valentine’s day, she has already started on her cards-albeit they are old Christmas cards but she does not know or care. Still getting away with some things ie; her thinking she is playing arcade games when they don’t even have money in them and keeping her entertained for a long time. Luv it!!! Anyways she is busy filling the Valentine’s cards out and keeps thinking it is today. Oh well, life is good when almost everyday is about your bday or a holiday like valentines, or looking forward to. My kids constantly ask me what holiday is next.

The reason I wrote Damn is cuz someone finally noticed that I did not send out Christmas cards two or maybe even three years in a row. She made me realize how much people look forward to it. Guilt was ridden all over my body. Next year people or maybe I will do a valentine’s or Easter family card. I thought I was on the dl?

I finished Dyane’s painting and now I am on to Cami’s and Carey’s. I am wanting to slow down and organize and create but my week will not allow for much of it-next week. I am stealing away to see some of the Oscar movies still, which takes my time but worth it. Can’t wait to see the two biographies on my life, “Shopaholic,” and “He is not that in to you.” Scary but true…..

I went to the doctor yesterday and he put me on a new focus/stress medicine. My friend is on something and say’s she feels numb to the world and I am like,”Get me some of that!!! asap.” I would love to feel numb just for a week or so…ha ha….or not so ha ha…

The birds are singing. One of my favorite sounds and the morning, is my favorite time-that is when I am rested and it is Spring like, not freezing. My nephew sent me a picture of snow storm back east. Yuck. I don’t miss that unless I was inside looking out the window, cozy and drinking hot chocolate. Had a dream that nobody loved me last night-so what else is new. Than I read my dear Stacy’s 25 things on her life and she has had many more struggles and I and she never feels bad for herself. I try not to but some how I am wounded inside and no matter how much normal life I seem okay, I still have those dreams. I need to get hypnotized… Gotta run,, Chef Kaylee is making a recipe. I said they should be called, Messipe’s. She is grated parmesan cheese, cheddar and carrots for her and my lunch!!

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