by Amy Cubbison on February 25th, 2009

Heyo…………..Omg…….so much to catch up on. U r like a long lost friend and we are two ships passing in the night……….Gotta take wills to his ten year check up. Earlier took him to someone to help him with his anxiety so lets pray and keep fingers crossed.

I am so pmsing…that I have three personalities now. other than that I am good. Why is it that it takes for me to be so irritated by my kids and get this weird feeling like I am gonna lose it, for me to remember I am pmsing…or I think I am preggers. The new meds I am on are making me nauseous.

Kaylee is cracking me up and thinks Cole is her boyfriend. The stuff she is saying should be published………But for now Just want to say, I have had the nicest one on one day with William. In between Doctor appoints. He helped me do things around the house, We went to lunch, we told one another what we think the other should work on. It has been so lovely. I am feeling really good today -good and balanced.

I need to run now but this morning Kaylee could not wait to get out of the house and said “Where are you boots?” “It is a national crisis.” Ha ha. thanks Fineus and Ferb or Disney.”

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