by Amy Cubbison on February 17th, 2009

Same dilemma another day…Molly is getting worse she is barking at me all day long to eat. I think I fed her twenty times today. no exaggeration………My friend Julie told me that her friends dog does that. It was comforting to feel . At the same time as it frustrates me, it makes me laugh. I always feel like i have a permanent camera on me, watching my chaotic life . Maybe that is the way that I ended up on reality tv.

Anyways yesterday was one step back. I read an email that hurt once again. I guess these friends have held in hurt feelings for a long time and not communicated them with me-then it erupted……oh well I am allowed to be sad and I will learn from this. I miss people when they are gone..

We all went to Gails house tonight. She cooked dinner. Her home is beautiful. She is a dear person and friend. She is so down to earth. I feel safe and comfortable around her. It was really nice to have someone cook for me. Kathlene and I met at the park and then she came over to Gails with her daughter. It was a really pleasant night.

So wills is doing really well. He feels that Ashleighs remedy has helped or cured him. Whatever works. I believe Homeopathy but that quick? It is more like a miracle from God……….or mind over matter………whatever he is calmer and that is awesome. Today when we were at the park. William took to this little three year old boy, who looked like a mini William. He was so tender and kind to him. He taught him some cute moves. Like Cool thumbs up, good guy, down not so good. I told him to do a hey dude, and Wills said that was not appropriate, then he continued to teach him cute things. When we left the little boy was sad. It was so cute and he said “By good guy.” It was a touching moment.

Anyways one last thought. everytime Jac has a soccer game say it is seven, he gets up at five and does push ups and jumping jacks to prepare but the time the game comes he is dead tired………so cute. Atleast he is like my dad and has the talent and the spirit. xo Goodnight. Had some more sadness today but talk about it later. I give myself one day to be sad. then move on.”

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