Sunday night

by Amy Cubbison on February 15th, 2009

Here I sit in bed and happy as a clam. or lark…..whatever. How would we ever know a clam is happy?? I always wonder the origin of things. I had a really nice day. It was pretty mellow and shame on me for missing church. We have not been very good about it. I am trying to fill up on god stuff and good stuff for that matter. I did go yoga and that felt very good. I love how that makes me feel and how things come to the surface and then go off in space.

We had a really nice Valentine’s day with my parents. I had an amazing filet mignon. Neil has been doing his hair spikey like David beckham……….ohh la la. it was a nice night and my big plans faded as I took one more bite of my dinner and I got to the full/happy and tired zone. I got to love on my father and that was really nice although my heart breaks when I see him struggle to walk. My mother looked beautiful in a  red top and pants.

I took the kids out today to mexican for lunch. I can’t get enough of Mex lately and i love to have a big lunch and a small dinner . Anyways my nephew Matt was in town. He is sixteen and a great little boy or big boy. I ran in to my doctor at the restaurant. I blushed cuz he is sort of cute and knows my stress level and inner secrets. I need to stick to ugly doctors………..ha

Tonight I went to pick Kaylee up at Diane’s neighbors house. They have a four year old darling boy. The three of them get along great. She and Dyane are phychologists and we had a glass of good wine and talked about people, our childhood and therapy. It was a real bonding session and u know how I am a sucker for that.

Since the recent break up with my friends, i have felt a lot of different emotions but the main thing is i am second guessing all my actions to see if they are selfish. I know it will go away and i will find a balance but for now it is a bit uncomfortable………..William went to a rugby tournament with his cousins today. He hated it and of course had to sit next to a big, fat and drunk rugby player who was spitting and swearing. Poor Wills was miserable…….Anyways time for bed…….not feeling to creative. Looking forward to the week ahead. buenos noches.

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