Real Age

by Amy Cubbison on March 15th, 2009

I just calculated my Real Age and it was not as good as I thought it would be. Gotta cut back on the vino. It did not have the most appropriate box for me on several things and one was drinking. There are several nights a week where I don’t have anything to drink. Anyways gotta step up that, add more vitamin c, not get stressed and have smoother relationships. Then the fact that there is breast cancer in my family added on a few………anyways it was interesting.

I know I am going to eat blueberries, edanome, nuts, beans and other things more often………..I wish we could find that veg/fruit drink that we had from Costco. It has fourteen fruits and veggies in it and not a lot of calories. Right now I am taking some of Neil’s funny Noni drinks and such. ………Today I decided to be conscious to lose five pounds. On me a couple pounds makes a huge difference.

I was just talking to someone how I have been eating and drinking too much and she agreed. I fricken hate when that happens. I am such a creature effected or affected by my environment and the compliments or criticisms I get…….Or like when you tell someone they look great and they don’t say it back-What the F&*& is that about. I always feel obligated but I most times believe it.

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming around our home. I love it. When the frost stops we will plant veg and more flowers. We booked our free nights in the desert over Easter. We have a kitchenette so that will keep the cost down. The kids have off two full weeks in April. I need to get them out of the house for a while at least so they don’t drive each other and myself crazy. I just love to not have to get up. If I could keep the boys from wrestling and rambling so much, my stress level would go down but-that is what little boys. It is just that it involves crying and screaming 3 out of 4 times.

Kaylee is my little helper and missy. We went to church today-three weeks in a row. Yea……..I wanted to get everyone’s attention and Kaylee was screaming,”Come now, or we will leave without you, or Come now, or we will not go.” She says, ‘Bravo, bravo,” when someone does something good. I think that is from Dora. Her expressions are so mature for her age.

Yesterday I had a lazy day. My weekend has been pretty lazy. Dyane and I had a leisurely lunch with wine and then hung out in the courtyard and let the girls play for hours. I was so relaxed. I have been living at that Rimel’s rotisserie place. Luv it………Then I had to come home and take a nap for thirty before we had to go to the Ham’s ST Pattie’s Day annual celebration. Well I was glad I got a second wind because it was a really fun, nice group and a delicious dinner. She had a trivia test and I did not do so well but we were all cracking up. I love to laugh and to hang out with funny people. Everyone told me that I was high maintenance but they convinced me that was a good thing. Even my Melanie girl agreed……Hmmm. Gotta think about that one.

We all went on a bike ride today. It was a perfect day for it and Jac even made it up the hill without stopping for the first time. He was so proud of himself. Now he will be asking to bike constantly as well as play soccer. We met our famous skater neighbor and saw a bunch of garage sales. I don’t know what it is but I always think I want an or need everything at the garage sale until I walk away and then realize it is a bunch of crap-most of it…….Guess it goes with the shopping addiction.

Kaylee and I watched the Contessa making a pot roast and so we all had the flavor for it and what a dinner we had. I still have the taste of it on my lips-delicious………..I am going to go park my hind upstairs and read mags and watch movies for the rest of the night. I started watching an Italian film and I am enjoying it very much. I Love the Italian culture!

Oh and last night I had another dream about my father and in Paris. This dream I was pushing him around in his wheelchair and holding his hand, like I do Kaylee’s. I was feeling the love so much for him as I do. I was trying to make him happy and feel good even though he did not have all his faculties. I found us a diner and was so excited to get my Dad a home cooked meal in a homemade way. I was afraid he was going to fall out of his wheelchair the entire dream. It was powerful………….I miss my parents and need one on one time with them. Infact I miss all my relatives I was thinking about today! I guess I am lucky to have such a big loving family to be able to miss!

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