So much for a day off

by Amy Cubbison on March 23rd, 2009

So here I am happy thinking that today I was free from kids. Despite how much I love them, I was needing a break. Well the typical Monday when they all pretend to be sick, came but this time there was some validity. Kaylee still has a little cough, and Neil said to not send her. Then Wills had a big project and his stomach was bothering him. He promised to study and work all day. So I had to get Jac out of the house, and listen to how unfair I was about him having to go to school. Is it me, or do only my kids compare every drop, stich or nickel each one gets from me compared to one another. So I had to promise Dip and Dots to Jac. Hello fifteen dollars for three icecreams-and Neil wonders where my money goes (ha ha). So I come back and it was Whine central. I said to Kaylee,”dont whine.” She said,”I am not whining, I am just talking in a squeaky voice.” Voila. So I was dreading my day and procrastinating about doing work, working out or anything that I needed to do. Once I got out of the house, I felt better, which is always the case but hard to see from my bed. Before we went out Kaylee and I took a jacuzzi bubble bath, that means that we could hardly find one another in all the bubbles. At one point Kaylee sat on my lap and said my privates felt like a small porky pine. I guess i needed to sharpen my shaver. Ha..

It is my friend Jen’s birthday so I took her to lunch. We went to my old favorite Italian place with one of my favorite handsome Italian owners. He sent over freebees which is always nice. It was great to see Jen and her eight month old baby. I was jonsing for the baby until I saw how Jen had to hold her and eat. It is as if the time clock for being solo timed out and then it is holding time, and it changed the entire atmosphere of the relaxed lunch. Kaylee loved the baby but was feeling jealous and discussed that with me in the bathroom. It was cute.

This evening a few of my neighbors and friend’s came by to pick up their girl scout cookies or drop off stuff so we had a nice little pow wow. I have so many great people in my life…and great local friends. Time to go up and watch a family movie so have a good night.

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