by Amy Cubbison on March 31st, 2009

I am super tired. I just wanted to blog a bit. I woke up today after a not so good night’s sleep and a little lay in. Thank God for the kids new video game. I had sort of a sad feeling today. Not tradgic sad but mellow sad. I am vascilating in between boredom and sadness probably cuz not so much happening and i need to get use to not so much happening. I know what contentness is and I want it but it is hard for me to find and stay with. Anyways after a good workkout and a lazy day with Kaylee and my friend Gayle. I started to come back to reality and came home did some work. Then I took the kids out to miniature golf. Sometimes i dread things like that-shhh don’t tell anyone but then I have a great time. It is nice quality time and cherishable moments. I am not sure why I am so apprehensive except for the fact that my kids fight like crazy and make sooooo much noise. After that we went out for pizza at Del Mar Pizza and walked on the beach and hung out at the beach park. It was like our first summer night. We watched the sunset and it was beautiful. I am wiped out and ready for bed. Tomorrow we are going to a movie, than Jac and I are having a date alone since Kaylee will be at school, and Wills on a playdate. I feel the need to spend one on one time with my kids and they are looking so forward to it. Kaylee has had such an attitude lately-not a mean attitude that she is all that. It makes me wonder if I am boosting her self esteem to much> I cant imagine since I know in the world she will be knocked down. It is a riot to hear and see. She did well at Miniature golf and kept saying to us,’Kay People, see ya at the next hole.” It was soooooooo fricken funny. THen last night (we have been inseperable) we played a dvd of learning how to hip hop. She did what she does when my painting is better than hers, she sulks. only she does not say why. It is so funny so I stopped, and explained to her that I have done it before. I went over the moves with her and then today she was dancing at the Mini golfing place and showing her siblings her moves………….Ha ha. I am like her little best friend. ! Goodnight. Next week my niece Analisse comes out to visit and we are all looking forward to that.

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