It is the climb

by Amy Cubbison on April 23rd, 2009

IT is the climb……………I want there to be a big present at the top of the climb and then not come down the other side with the lows that entails but hey I am not in charge………..I have felt very tired all day. I had to force myself to do anything. It was a cloud day and tht always makes for a nice lazy day. I also am pmsing so that makes for extra sensitive and sentimental ongoings. I have so many mixed up thoughts and emotions going on in my mind. I keep thinking about some unjust things. Then I remind myself to go back to all of the things I am greatful for. There are a lot of them. I am so tired so I won’t write much. I wanted to note one funny thing-when I went to check out all of these self help books on addiction, children of molestion, boundries etc, my eyes could not help but wander over to the book rack to the left of the Addiction center-it was kinky, crazy, sex making books. I mean come on?? This is what I call stragegized marketing. Ha ha. Funny but not so funny> Then Gail brought to my attention the other side is Wine Collection books? What is going on??? Oh and the other night at Charlen’es party I finally ordered,’A skinny bitch.” I did not even want one but had been dying to say that and order that. Hopefully I will be a happy skinny bitch by summer. ha

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