In bed after elleven

by Amy Cubbison on May 3rd, 2009

I don’t mean in bed after elleven at night-I mean still in bed, after elleven in the morning. My family came over for dinner, last night. My sister Lisa, is visiting in town to help take care of my mother after her knee surgery. So last night after some wine and dinner, my sister offered to stay and clean up. Hallelujah! Then we had big plans of dancing and watching movies after the kids go to bed. Well I got through the bubble bath and then I was out like a light. I guess I was snoring, and touche-so was my sister, although she will NOT admit it Who cares a little Barney Rubble now and again. Nobody is perfect. So this morning we have had big plans to go to the gym etc. So far, I did get to 7/11 to get us coffee and then climbed back in bed> We have been texting the neighbors or anyone else who will bring us some Java. No luck so far. All I know is I need to take a shower, and I need to workout in some way. Later today we are going to have dinner at the Ham’s.
Neil has been on a rudgy/fishing retreat. It has been nice. My nephew is in town as well. I have the cutest nephews, that are all early thirties and just dolls. I adore each and everyone. It is fun to go out with them. I have so many friend’s that are newly single or single and longing to meet someone. So I am digging in my memory bank and organizing a happy hour for singles to mingle. Not sure if you remember but my great grandfather was a matchmaker in Russia years ago. I am not so sure how I like it or if I am any good at it but I love the thought of pairing two lonely people together. I love love!!
Last night I asked my father is he was worried about my mother going under the knife and he shook his head yes, with a tear in his eye. OMG.It killed me. BTW please pray for my mother. She is getting knee surgery. I have never really seen my mother nervous and she is this time. That is difficult to see but I need to stand up to the plate.
Lisa and I are calling all our family members and catching up on everyone’s business. Our family likes to do that. I always tell everyone that we have tons of love in our family along with the rivalry but if anything happens or occurs in one of our lives, it spreads like wildfire. I watched the movie the other day,’ Rachel is getting married.” It is about a dysfunctional family. I said to my mother,’I did not see that much difference from our family.’ Not that our family is so crazy but that all families issues overlap. I am just in to letting it all go. It is so much easier. So I am watching the movie thinking everyone is projecting on one another and it is their own issues. It is true anyways. Sort of funny.
The boys are so quiet these days, or atleast leaving me a long since they got their new army video game, and their air guns. They are obsessed. I hope that they are careful with them.
Yesterday I went to a longtime friend’s little girls bday party. It was great to see a lot of old faces-well not old but people i have known a long time. Sensitive area ha ha. Speaking of when Dyane and I went out the other night, I was obsessed with looking at all the puffed up swollen fake faces. I couldn’t think about anything else. A little goes a long way. Not sure if I told you about the cab driver who crushes on me or not but he drove Dyane and I all night for free. Only me. My life is never boring. This driver said that he thinks I am so cute and attractive that it has increased he and his wives sex life ten fold. It is funny but the universe is sending me so many amazing people, in my life. They are full of love, compliments and support. I have met two motivational speakers who both are telling me I am a leader who does not know it yet. I just need to keep my sensitivity and empathy at bay and then I can possibly and will be a leader someday. NOt sure that is my calling because what I feel is my gift is helping others and loving them thru life or hardship-helping people to see their gifts. I guess they go hand in hand. Anyways it feels great to hear these amazing compliments. I have been feeling pretty good in bewtween some tough times, and when I feel good, I attract more good and more everything possitive. Enough about me-oh yea it is my blog. ha.
My brother David bought a cool house in La jolla. That is nice because he is great with my father, and makes my father happier when he is around.
Some family growing pains occured this past week. We were over Gail’s house and William, another boy and her son had some altercations. Wills and this boy ditched Gail’s son, Max. Max was very upset and got very angry and violent. Wills came to me blaming Max. Once Gail and I talked about it and over it, we realized it was all the parties fault. Wills was upset when I talked with him but after a while, he took responsibility for it and even apologized to Max. Then Max and WIlls talked it out and made a no ditching pact. Now they are better friend’s than before. It was nice to see how this played out.

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