by Amy Cubbison on July 29th, 2009

Attention…….is the topic of conversation today or atleast in regards to kaylee. She keeps on saying to me,”Mommy you are not giving me enough attention, or I am giving William or Jac so much more attention etc.” It is really funny to me. She is such a character.Oh and she is constantly saying,’Stupid, dumb or bored.” Again gotta watch the Disney. She also told me about an outfit she created in her head and she wants me to help her design it. I think she will work in fashion. She has the interest, and the talent. She always puts together the cutest outfits. I told Kaylee the only reason she thinks I am not giving her attention is because she is always with me and I give her so much of it. I kiss her constantly.
Tomorrow I am taking Wills to The OCD clinic. He has been worrying so much. It is so sad and so difficult. I try not to but lose my patience and then feel really bad. I then talk to him about it, probably tell him more than I should, as per my therapist but regardless I want to be communicative with him. Anyways it is just a shame and I can’t wait to get him on the right program or meds so he can enjoy his childhood. As I always say in one hour he can drive me crazy and then fill my heart with love. Last night he came to me and lent me his sleeping spray and remedy to help me fall asleep. That was sweet. Then he layed in bed next to me and held my hand. Sometimes I go in his bed at night and just lay next to him. He so rarely sits still that I love to hug him even if he is asleep.
Tonight going to a happy hour. Want to get a nice, good crowd at one of my favorite places. i feel that summer is almost over and there are a lot of people that I have not mingled with and would like to see. This weekend is pretty family oriented.
Have the kids choice awards coming up. I can bring my kids to show. That should be fun for them. I also just did a tshirt promo for a movie called Lumiere? Hopefully will get some orders or good press off of that.
Kids start school in two and a half weeks. I have mixed feelings. My baby is starting kindergarten. That will give me no excuse to not focus on my business. Speaking of business and budget-last night I had a dream that I was trying to buy one more Gucci purse before I am cute off forever. boo hoo………

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