Summer ease

by Amy Cubbison on July 16th, 2009

Summer ease………today atleast. Yesterday was summer stress. The amount of things I had to take kids to and do but it was worth the feeling today of freedom (somewhat). We woke up late and I made a big breakfast and now we are going on a walk. Then some down time. I am taking them to get a blood test for Celiac’s disease. Wills is really worried about this. Then I am taking them to karate and then picking up some of their friend’s and bringing them back here until their mom comes to get them and stays for dinner. I love Patty their mom. We do not get to hang out that much. She is a brilliant person.
At any rate my anxiety level has gone down today. I had a good therapy session yesterday and my therapist help sort my racing, thoughts and bring me down to earth and reality. I love how he takes something that I want to say to someone or my kids and takes the emotion out of it. For example I was talking about how I sounded like my brother David yelling at my kids about using glue on the furniture as they did not care. He reworded it and said,’I know you really like this table and I know you are so good with crafts but lets begin using our creativity and taping newspaper down here etc.” It was not shaming at all. I really need to stop being reactionary with my kids. Especially while William is having such a hard time. I got a referral for a psychiatrist for Wills and am looking forward to helping him control his worry. I feel so bad for him but it is so difficult to be around. Anyways a new day, and feeling hopeful about a lot of things. All I know is when I am lost in my own thoughts, anxiety or sadness, I take away from my kids and I don’t want that. When I snap out of it and just spend quality time with them, I feel whole, healed and good.
Yesterday was our first beach day with the family. It was Kevin’s bday. It was a lot of work getting down to the beach but super worth it once we got there. The kids did not want to go and that was frustrating but all played in the water and had a blast. It was beautiful. I had a great time hanging out with my mom friends that I have not seen in a while. I am putting all my worries on hold and enjoying the rest of summer with my children.
Last night I went to a Wine, Woman and hormones seminar. Yikes. It was informative but scary, with a light at the end of the scary tunnel. They said after 35 womans hormones go crazy and some of the feelings are reminiscent of teenage years. Bingo that is me!!

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