dating myself

by Amy Cubbison on August 12th, 2009

I dont’ mean dating myself but the older I get the more I remember things and the things I mention to people in their twenties, they have no idea about. Then sometimes someone assumes to me that I know what they are talking about and it is my age or older. talk about pissing me off. That should be against the law. I also have those days where people think I am in my early thirties so i guess it depends on how much stress, sleep I am getting and going out I doing. None the less it is a perfect way to put a damper on my day…….but my new and recycled delight and goal is to read tons and learn tons, along with focusing on my kids and business.
Today I took the kids to Legoland. Let me tell you I was dreading it. I am sorry, dont’ others dread it to. I hate crowds and parks like that. Especially with my kids whos main interest is the fricken toy store. Anyways it was not cheap, and not on the budget but we went and they had a blast. My kids were good but I tell you I saw more whiny kids and screaming kids enough to last me a lifetime. I think that I am finished with the baby thing,and now just craving the unconditional love of a puppy. I really miss Molly and really am. It just is there so much uncertainity in my life now. Which leads me to another discussion for when I am not tired and cranky.
Kaylee is seeming more and more like a little girl. Jac continues to be our little soccer star. Wills had a good day and ofcourse was high on life because he got a new bionicle. He and Jac played bionicles for a lot of the day. We were going to go to the beach but it was overcast. They enjoyed Legoland and although me and Toni’s Stimulations were on over load we got out of there in the nick of time. That is what is good about those passes.
William and I went to the OCd clinic yesterday. I am feeling a bit skeptical of his therapist because he believes in really facing your unrealistic fears so much that he pulled out a maschetie and held it to his neck. Not sure if that was crazy or brilliant. All I know Is I have a few calls in to other doctors to see what they think of that. Never a fricken dull moment I tell you but you know what. ? I do want more peace and balance but I like living alive and feeling passionate about things. Tomorrow another family outing as summer is almost over and we need to get the fun stuff in as much as possible. Xo Oh and another goal of mine is to Not share so much with so many people. I guess that sort of sucks when I have a blog but I automatically have to be less open with this than I use to be cuz I was always in the doghouse with one or another and that was not fun. Oh well ya win some, ya lose some, I hate losing though, things and lessons………

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