by Amy Cubbison on August 20th, 2009

Finally…….I get my bum to write in my blog. I know the culprit……figured it out! Facebook! I am now addicted to that………In a super creative, mind thinking mood today/tonight. Part of it from life and part of it from lack of sleep last night. Wills woke me up five times. I need eight straight hours or I am out of it…………….went to do some sales calls in La with a friend. It was a really nice, pleasant day. I know right now i have so much to do but I have to balance it between work, house hunting, family, and friend’s. I need to keep my priorities in line and say no sometime. It is so hard for me sometimes, especially when I am weak. I feel much better when I do the right thing and then enjoy my time more. All through his rollercoaster year, I am definitely learning, growing and changing. Slowly but surely. My therapist thinks so which makes me feel great.
So many funny cute things to write about. Kaylee is still thinking school is “boring.” That is her favorite words these days. Then today she asked me to hand her, her backpack because she had thrown two left over sausages in it, from her lunch of pancakes and sausage. That was off the rictor scale of cute to me. I know sometimes when I am with my kids, I am precoccupied or use my phone more than I should. I have settled down but it is hard when it rings constantly. As my Mom say’s you can take the girl out of La JOlla but can’t take the La Jolla out of the girl. Guilty as charged. Today Kaylee got her lunch card, and Jac met her at lunch and taught her how to use it. Then he met her at her class and carried her backpack. It is so adorable. Wills is having the best year ever because his Best friend Conner is in his class. He keeps telling me about girls teasing him and little crushes. Then he has asked me to put on this particular radio station 96.5. It was all love songs. It was so cute. I can tell what is coming on the horizon. He is a romantic like Mama. Oh well when life gives you lemons you just add some salt and tequila. ha . old joke but love it.
Saw my dear friend Jen from La jolla today. We realized we met almost elleven years ago today. She looks the same. She has a new baby, whom is so cute. The kids all loved her and Wills even held her. Then we went in to Bebe to look at discount rack and William kept on saying that the clothes were not conservative. True but they do have some cute stuff for good deals. Oh and william told me anybody who is over thirty should not be saying Hot, it is not appropriate. I need to say pretty. etc. Now he is watching my driving, and so is Jac. They watch the speed limit and if I go over it five miles per hour then they are freaked out. and to think I was safe in one area. NOt safe at driving but safe at being critisized………………Lots of thoughts about moving , and selling our house. Lot’s of sadness now. It has hit me but I did see some cute beach cottages. We met our friends’ at the mall and the kids had a really nice time in the playground and jumpie. It brought back a lot of memories. Some good and some frumpy times. I mean everyone gets a bit frumpy and baby obsessed with the first one. I was not too bad but I remember feeling not sexy any for a while. It did not last long though…………….
Oh and I am noticing all of the young beautiful woman around. I want to go back east and get my ego stroked more. ha . Just kidding. Actually I want to keep listening to pbs, reading, painting and workin on my self and business as to not just blend in with the bevy of beautifies where all of their temporary confidence comes from. I am working on not telling everyone everything and being more selective. Not easy but learning finally that some people are full of crap, they only want things from me and that just cause they say it does not mean it is true. So naive for my age in so many ways. I need to go to bed, and say some good, big prayers tonight. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. zzzzz. I was super excited to see a huge billboard with my friend’s company on it at the mall and her baby is wearing my LeaveMeB onsie that say’s ” I am a swinger.” Very exciting.
Busy weekend, too busy for me and two fun parties on the same night, gotta choose the close friend one of the multi miliion dollar Circque Du Leil one.. This will be a true test of my character and growth but hey not completely evolved yet. Ha ha. May never be.

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