A new day!!

by Amy Cubbison on October 8th, 2009

A new day, a new look. If I had a dime for how many times I have felt bad and gone to sleep, then felt better, than I would still be in my big house. ha. Actually the little house is growing on me. My friend’s seem to like it and they are pleasantly surprised. I am definitely being neat and organized which feels good. I feel that I am finally getting on top of my kids, their stuff, homework etc. I like to be and feel responsible, as I know I can be. I have to give myself a bit more credit as I remember that moving is a big huge time consumption and energy drain. My friend Tracy was laughing at how I was being anal about cleaning my fridge. It is as if I gave up on the last house, too big, with no help or respect from anyone. Now I am getting in touch with the way I was in my previous homes that I liked, and was content in. Yesterday I cried most of the day, all except for the part where my mother dragged me to a Friendship tea,”Friends of the Poor.” It was definitely worth it once we were there and it put or slammed my priorities down my throat. I needed them slammed. I still continued to be lazy, lay on the couch, and watch “Hannah Montana,” with my kids but it felt good. Sort of like being sick and just having no expectations of myself and loving on my kids. I wonder if I can kiss them too much?
SO Kaylee is getting quite the attitude from Kindergarten. Some of it is cute and some of it is not so cute. Yesterday she threw a shoe at Jac’s head and made him cry then a chicken nugget at William. She was upset because she got in trouble at school. She and her little six girl clique, chose to take one of the girls who stubbed their toe to the nurse, without asking permission. Nurse Neddie is like a super star at school. The teacher got worried when all of the girls went missing. She told Kaylee that hurt her feelings and that made Kaylee sad. I guess it is okay for her to feel bad if it makes her change.
The other day she was wearing Skylan’s ipod and singing out loud and dancing to it. I then discovered that Kaylee inherited my voice. Bummer. Gotta get singing lessons for her since she wants to be a rockstar and play the drums.
My mother’s housekeeper is a life savor. Yesterday when I was in the dolldrums and not feeling well she magically put my entire room, closet, and wardrobe together. She even organized my makeup drawyers. If I could have kissed her I would have. Instant love. Kaylee also told me that she got in trouble for kissing her friend Hannah, on the lips, by accident. THe teacher told the children no kissing!
Anyways I had my reoccuring nightmare that my father dies and I was pleading him and begging him to stay a live for atleast five more years. It was heartwrenching
Tomorrow is Jac’s pre bday. His bday is saturday but I am bringing cupcakes in to his school tomorrow. He wanted me to buy preservative, additive, colored store bought cupcakes. Oh well, his choice. Saturday he has a soccer game and then they are having a cake afterwards. At night we are going to the pumpkin patch with a few of his friends’ as usual.

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  1. Leigh Schlosser permalink

    I have no other way of getting ahold of you, as you have no phone number on your web site and your email amy.cubbison@cox.net is undeliverable.
    My name is Leigh Schlosser and I ordered shirts from you over a month ago. You have told me on 3 different occassions that my shirts will arrive and they have yet to come. I want you to mail my items or refund my money.
    It is not right that I have paid you so long ago and you do not mailed me my items. You even told me I would have them in 2 days and its been over 2 weeks since that day.
    Why have you not sent them yet, and what do I have to do to either get a refund or get my shirts?

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