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by Amy Cubbison on October 15th, 2009

I am getting worse not better about blogging. Hopefully once we are totally moved in then I can get back on track. I have a friend visiting in town and that always sidetracks me or distracts me. My mother said,”YOur on right path, don’t lose focus.” Some of my friend’s have said the same thing. I really do want to make others proud of me. It is time.
Today Jac is staying home with me. It is our Mommy and son playday. We don’t have a car which is actually sort of nice because we can’t go anywhere. My starter broke and is having problems so we dropped it off at the dealer. That car is on its last legs due to Old age. We watched movies today, napped and then when Kaylee gets home we are going to try out our community pool/jacuzzi.
The weather has been so nice. Crisp, cool and sunny, my favorite. I am definitely staying home more, and going to bed earlier, as well as sneaking in a few naps. I am having the craving to go get groceries and cook some big roasts dinner. I am anxious to make this house complete. We still have so much extra stuff around, and I am running out of places to put things. It is not a good feeling. My kids are also not picking up after themselves as they said they would. It is very frustrating because a smaller home shows mess easier, I am seeing. So I am cleaning up after them but telling the kids that they need to do it or we will move in to a smaller house. Whatever works. I am watching a documentry about Mike Tysons’ life. It is very touching. He had someone who believed in him and that is why he succeeded. It just shows how reaching out for someone or others and believing in them is really necessary. Especially for lost sheep.
Tomorrow we are going to watch zach and Cody being filmed. Kaylee is five and you have to be eight so she can’t go. I feel bad but it is too long of a drive to not have her get it. The boys, Charlene, Theresa and I are going. I hope we can meet the case afterwards. I also need to pick up Hannah mOntana pictured autographed for Kaylee and my friend’s daughter. She already sent one but it is lost in space.
Yesterday Kaylee wanted to walk in to kindergarten by herself. I felt so rejected. It was terrible. I want her to be independent but sometimes it makes me miss her being a baby. Did I tell you she won an art contest for drawing out of the entire Kindergarten. She is tickled pink. She is my little baby angel. Hanging out with Jac today has been nice. I really like one on one times with my kids.
Sort of feeling relaxed today so not much wit is coming out. Sort of a ho hum blog but dont’ worry I have a couple days coming up that I am sure will earn me some time for funnny stories. Oh and Oh no, my kids have off for two full weeks. Gotta get planning. I know we are going to do some trips visit Jean, Disneyland and go to the desert with my mom. Yahoo love the desert!

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