Three days in a row

by Amy Cubbison on October 26th, 2009

I believe I am blogging again somewhat regularly. I probably lost a bunch of viewers with my inconsistency. Oh well reasons, seasons, and lessons learned as well as repurcustions for all of our actions. I sway back and fourth from empowerment to victim. Fortuntely victim is less often and when I am in it, I must like it for the time being, as my sister always say’s. I have some warped feeling that because I try hard or hurt that something amazing is around the corner. Another secret about me.
Had a great day today> I took my friend Melanie to lunch for her bday and made up for leaving early at her party. It was very nice, and very intimate. Love going out to lunch but can’t get back in that habit again. I won’t. Took the kids to the pool and jacuzzi. I also took them to the park. Kaylee and I swang on the swings and it felt great. Jac hugged me a lot today and that feels nice especially since hugs from him are not as common.
Today Jac was talking and Kaylee said,’So how is that working for you Jac?” We all laughed. Her expressions are so cute and she has such attitude and sass when she speaks. I love her confidence.
I have two things I want to blog about but I need to get permission from the sources first. I am learning.
I forgot to mention one of my quirky mistakes the other day. I went to the gas station and I was struggling to get the gas pump in my car, then I kept having to fiddle with the buttons. I was so stressed out but finally got it in and went to buy a drink. When I returned, I realized that there was a big Caution tape all over that I had not even noticed. It made me laugh at my absent minded self. I gotta laugh. I am calamity jane as my friend’s call me and it is okay.
Today I went to go get a semi physical at the doctors, and there was a young boy there, about twenty who was complaining of having no insurance and having dt withdrawals from alcohol. Well the staff did not know what to do with him. I felt for him so badly. I called a few friend’s and a bunch of people who might know where to direct him. I just wanted to wrap my arms around this guy. Hopefully he is okay. My doctor was so nuturing to me when I was talking about my life, faith, and children. She was telling me different ways to nourish my mind, body and soul. It was nice to see good bed side manor. Caring goes a long way.
My friend and I decided we are going to go to Coda. I really want to do more things for self growth and building more confidence. I was doing better but then I get sucked back in to critical people, and being hurt and not good enough. Bad habits. People are shocked when I claim to have self esteem issues but i do, at times. I call it variable self esteem. If I get a lot of prise etc, I feel good, if I get a lot of critism that is not handed in kid gloves, I hurt. Tomorrow is bible study and that is always very good for me. Then I will take the kids to the beach or to do something fun-perhaps a movie. Nothing that cost money to much money. Today they got paint guns………..guns, guns, guns and more guns. yikes.
When Kaylee and I went to the jacuzzi today there were these two young cute guys from South Africa. They were flirting with me something fierce. It was kind of fun. It seems that the innocense is gone, and many guys can just be plain out of line, off track or disrespectful. It is nice when I see there are just nice, guys out there for all of the nice, wonderful ladies out there!

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    Keep it coming . Love it! I identify with you as a mom.

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