Can you believe it?

by Amy Cubbison on November 3rd, 2009

I can’t believe I blogged twice yesterday and I am doing it right now. It is like old times. It really does feel catharctic, but then I am not doing so well on my practicing of being more private of a person. Oh well, it takes time.
I think the time change is giving me extra time, and I am waking up earlier.
Kaylee asked me if she could put a sticker on her wall and I said no. Her newly painted wall, I might add. Went in there last night and she had two big stickers and colored them in with permanent marker. I was so mad but it is hard to stay mad at her sweet little face.
Today is bible study. I better put my phone away today so that I dont’ upset anyone. The leader asked me if I was bored due to the content of class. Shoot I wish or thought nobody noticed. I am not bored but it is difficult to sit still for two hours for me.
My shoulder is feeling better now. I reinjured it doing so much yoga. I really hurt it when I fell down my brother’s stairs, if you remember that story.
My old neighbor told me life is boring without me next door. I really do miss her and them. I am sure I will find some friend’s close by because I am in such a shortage of friends, ha but really it is nice to have someone close. Those neighbors will be hard to come close to although. Today is my brother’s birthday. ONce again, Happy Birthday Peter. I love you.
This morning going to yoga, then biblestudy, then lunch with a friend. It is so easy for me to get back in to lunching with friends, my favorite thing to do eat, and talk. Well two of them. ha. Forgot shopping. I really should put all my energy other than on the kids, on the house and business…………Balance……… ever important achieving goal that I have yet to find all of the way. xo

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