Full and content

by Amy Cubbison on November 16th, 2009

Full and content………..that is how I am feeling and now. More full than I wish to be but content anyways. I love when I feel as if my life is balanced. I love to go and do things but then I love even more staying in with my kids, watching movies, taking walks, and I love love when I cook a very nice roast like tonight and they are so happy with it. WE had some cute conversations and what kept going through my mind is that “this is what counts and is important in life.” I keep feeling that I want to be around famiy more often and wish my siblings lived close.
Today I went to lunch with two society editors/friends. One named Nanette, I just got a job at a magazine for. I will tell you one thing, seeing how happy she is and greatful, is so wonderful. It just shows how important it is to extend kindness around the world.
My bday party was awesome. So awesome that the police came. Really. LAst time the police came to a party I had, I was nineteen and hid, cuz I was underage. This time they were looking for teenagers, and I was older than the cops. My friends all had a bet that they would be joining the party, but I asked and they did not get off until twelve. I go to bed before that. My friend Derek said,”Only you Amy would go to talk to the police and give them a hug goodbye. Ha. True. I got so many beautiful cards and meaningful gifts. I was truly touched. I think that is why I am in such a good mood still. I am relishing in it, as I should always. Come from gratitude and love. It was a great incentive to get my house up to par.
I have several dinners/lunches for my bday to attend. I am sort of sick of the fuss,,,,,,,,,,nah no I am not. I was going to say sick of going out to eat, but I am full now, tomorrow is another day. Ha. My friend Gail say’s my bday is like a jewish holiday, it is neverending.
All I know is I am either pmsing or something else. I am still short tempered and irriated by little things. I am not usually like that except for one day a month. I am frustrated by the little annoyances in life. It reminds me of that one movie, but I can’t remember the name. I also keep having a memory flash in my head of when went to a friend of William’s house and the MOm lost it for no reason. I was so freaked out, and I could not understand how that happened to her……….hmm but now I am a bit wiser, older and more hormonal
I told Wills my fortune cookie said,”Someone close to me is going to make millions on unique inventions. I told Wills and he has been interviewing us all night to see what problems he can solve. I told him that inventions are easy to invent if you think about a solution to a problem. Mine is ofcourse losing my phone. AGAIN>>>>>>>>>>>>>ugh. Is God trying to tell me something???
Oh and one other good thing that came out of my birthday, or liquid birthday dinner was that I got to say some really important things I wanted to communicate with to my mother and father. I have been having the best therapy sessions and making a lot of progress. I am not even in love with him. Ha ha. He say’s I am in love with love. It is more like infatuation with others. Anyways I finally discovered what is the difference between my NEEDs and My wants. My needs are to be authentic and vica versa, To be creative, to be a great mom and be more accountable to them and everyone, to have intimated deep, meaningful relationships. hmm. anything else??

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