HOw come parenting is so tough?

by Amy Cubbison on November 13th, 2009

Can you tell that I had a rough night or day yesterday? So much for my bday. I had a comedy of errors and a bunch of crazy things happen, one of which was I lost my crackberry, or so they call it, and I know why. Anyways I think God is sending me some clear messages and I don’t like it. Anyways the day before you are having a party and to lose all contacts is not good. I was so cranky, having to spend most of my day tracking down my contacts and getting Jac’s prehistoric phone to work. I don’t want to buy a new one until I know it is gone, gone forever. Knowing me I probably threw it out. Anyways so along with that, I misplaced other things, and was just irritated by everyone who was irritated by me. Usually I just laugh but not yesterday. I am surprised nobody got the finger. ha. jk. The worst I do is throw my hand up in the air, like an Italian. I am also pmsing, and feel bloated, and yucky. Another not so good thing before my party. I was so cranky to my kids last night that I feel bad today. I have to admit they were loud, and super wound up which did not help. So stayed in with them. Wanted to watch a movie but it got to late, after I got off the phone with Verizon, my best buddies now. I do like to stay home and go to bed early. William was super whiny and complaining as usual about his homework. All the while on Veteran’s day he complained he was bored. Trying to get him to take responsibility for that. Oh one good thing or two good things, yesterday-is my dear friend Gail came in to town, and we always laugh. She took me to lunch. I also had a great therapy session and dug deep with him, although I dont like recognizing some of things in myself. The main point is I am recognizing needs from wants. I learned super deep what is important to me is authentic love, and understanding, creativity, quality time with people I love, being a responsible, reliable Mother, and I forget but that was nice to really see.
Kaylee wore this headban yesterday around her head that was bright pink. She looked so individual and so cute. I love it. My kids have been pretty good for the most part. They are starting to learn to clean up after themselves. I have been exhaustingly on them about it.Wiliam has been overly sensitive lately, with good reason. It is difficult because after he whines to me for hours then he feels bad I am upset and is upset about that. A viscious cycle. I remember it. ha.
Kaylee told Wills that she hates when he uses his puppy dog eyes and face when he wants something cuz it works. ha. She also told her friend that she wants a Bump It, for Christmas so she can do her hair because after all she is going to grow up and be a drummer/rockstar hairdresser.
Yesterday I walked up the down stairs at the school an some woman sneered at me. I mean really s it that important??? I did not even realize the right side was up, when did they make this a law?? People are so touchy, and I was yesterday.
Got to get kids at, get ready for my fiesta. Stay tuned for details. OH and all my kids teachers told me once again that they are amazing artists an super creative. Jac created the best picture in his class yesterday. Hurray for the Cubbies.

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