Where to begin??

by Amy Cubbison on December 13th, 2009

So much to say so much in my mind, so much going on……….Where shall I begin. First off you know I am super busy when I do not have time to blog. Things with my business are really taking off. So many possibilities and it is so exciting. I have not been this productive, and excited about life since college. It is a great feeling if I don’t get overwhelmed. The problem is that it is the holidays and I am being super social. Shocker. Anyways after Christmas, I will pull it in. I want to get really healthy, fit and focused. Hmm. Did I say this last year? Ha. Oh well sometimes it takes me a while.
The best news is that I met a neighbor whom I love, and she has kids. Three houses down. She is from Spain and so much fun. We click. We have already been at eachother’s houses in our pj’s and hung out drinking hot cocoa with the kids and watching Christmas movies. I am sort of in awe of her, in fact lately I am in awe of a lot of people. Maybe feeling a bit insecure. Having some thoughts that remind me of my childhood, lot in confusion and thinking. Anyways quick update……….William and I went to therapy session because I have had enough of him picking on me. I was sort of dreading the session but the progress and love that came out of it was fabulous. The therapist said to me that he has not seen a son and mother love one another so much in a longtime. William is brilliant and super sensitive. It was very valdating to me that William wants me to be a certain type of mother but he needs to listen and cooperate and do his part. Friday morning was one of the best mornings we have had. I am hopeful for the future. I am in such a learning curve in my life that it is scary, exciting and fun. William did a show at school the other day and it was so cute. They sang to the troops overseas. I was choked up the entire time. He was thrilled that both Neil and I came to see it. Neil has not been to many shows. Then after school he came home and I was playing CHristmas carols. baking cookies, and making a gingerbread house with Kaylee and Jac. William said,”THis has been the best day ever.” I was so happy to hear that. It reminded me of one day when I was little, my mother was baking brownies and home when I got home from school and that marked such a permanent spot in my memory bank. I use to do this for the kids a lot but atleast now that I am back doing it, they appreciate it.
Kaylee is in a whining phase…….ughh. I wish someone could watch me with the kids in the morning when they are whining and fighting and then tell me a mother should not go out. It is such a tough job but worth it…….but do need Mommy’s little helpers.
Jac is as cute as ever. Met with his teacher the other day and she told me he works me so much. Uhhh shocker. It was good to hear so he is next with me at the therapist. HE does not open up as much as William. His soccer is on hiatus but he did get MVP> Some of the games were not close so I did not go. Neil takes him all of the time but he said something to me, that broke my heart that he wants me at all games. NExt season….Being a mother is doing things that you often don’t want to or are sort of a pain to do but once you see the smile on your child’s face so worth it!!!More to come later.

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