by Amy Cubbison on January 31st, 2010

I was having a hard time finding log in information for my blog. That always frustrates me because it creates a sense of urgency in me to not forget the special moments or comments that my kids have said, and I want to remember.Not only that……..u r not going to believe this one, my Dad’s other sister Aunt Haussie who lived with Aunt Shirley, died two days later. She was heart broken on the news. How sad but sweet. It has been one crazy week. This all just makes me want to love on my father much more often. I was worried about my father but now, I realize that my mother is his life, and as long as he has her, he is happy. That is really sweet.
So since I promised Wills I would go to church this morning, and frankly I need it, I only have limited time. Today we are doing family day, ad tonight the adults are going out to Roppongi for dinner. My nephew josh is in town as well as my nephew Jordan. I keep having the urge to go and buy a puppy, but then I stop myself and remember I need to be more in the moment with my kids and get better at keeping up with the millions, no trillions of school activitities and events. I always tell my friends with one or two kids, that they have no idea how difficult it is to have three kids in school, and keep up with the homework, activities etc. Everyday is something special. The other day I dropped Kaylee off, and there was something going on at aschool. I nearly had a panic attack because I thought I missed something for her but luckily it was not. Infact I have only missed one thing and it was minor one, but Kaylee always talks about it.
Anyways update on kids………William is continuing to be very sweet, loving and good. it is a sheer, utter miracle but I will take it…Thank you God or JEsus for that matter. He is really maturing in everyway. He reminds me a lot of my sister’s son Adriane, who has grown in to a fine young man.
Jac is soccer mad. Yesterday he played Goalie and he was not as much the star as he usually is. I was sitting with him back at net, and everytime he let a goal in, I would comfort him. He is a little guy and that goal is huge. I was having lunch with my highschool friend Rhonda and we were having such a great time, reminiscing that I thought about missing Jac’s game. I was so happy that I decided against it, and need to remember that those decisions I make, impact me, and my family daily. Try and do the right thing……like Jesus, and Melanie Ham, oh and Charlene, Jean, Maica etc.
Kaylee has said so many funny cute things this week, that I don’t know where to begin. The funniest one was after school one day when she said,’She is tired of holding in all the bad words she has to at school all day like hate, poo, fart etc. She said she feels like she is going to explode sometimes and wanted to know if she could just let a few out in the car. I said,”Sure.” I just loved the originality of that comment. She then was telling me how much she loves her teacher and she gets more beautiful to her everyday. I was explaining to her that people either become more beautiful as they get to know them, then she said,”Well it also works to the opposite.” She told me this little pretty girl in her class, gets less prett daily because she gets on her last nerve. ” Ha ha

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