uh oh puberty right around the corner

by Amy Cubbison on January 2nd, 2010

Everytime I spell the, on the computer I mistype it teh. I remember this very well when I use to type in highschool on an IBM humungo typewriter owned by my mother. I have a lot of stories revolving around that typewriter. Anyways just a brain detour. Back to Puberty around the corner. Last night we were watching a family movie, sort of a love story, that was pg but cute. Everytime there was a scene that had sex in it, William would do this giggle to himself, like he finally gets it and understands it. It was fun to see. Instead of him saying,’Gross,” or something of that sort.
I have been seeing so many movies and loving it. Everyone has added something to my life or heart and or made me laugh really hard. The other day we saw,’ITs complicated.’ What a treat. I love Meryl STreep and the entire movie was about glorifying the older woman and all of the gifts and complexties she has to offer. Loved it! Amen to that, and I still have a lot of prime left.
Since I got over my fatigue spell, I am so excited about life on so many levels. It is a nice good welcomed feeling. I am still worrying about certain things but trying to not focus on them. I keep having dreams about getting organized at home, and I really want to do that for comfort, and piece of mind.
Today I am going to the spa and lunch with my mother. I am really looking forward to it, and catching up. She was telling me about all my friends that came to the party afterwards and were a great addition to the party. My mother was happy to hear I fell asleep afterwards and did not carry on drinking. ha.
William is now worrying about the year 2012. I knew it was going to come up. I tried to comfort him by saying that the Mayan calendar ended and that is why. I think I did help him a bit. MY gosh if I heard that at elleven like I did the Killer Bees story on Time, I would of worried like crazy about it. Phew, I have grown out of somethings atleast.
I bought the dvd Annie for the kids to watch. Kaylee is obsessed and sings to everysong. It is very cute. I want to take the kids to some more plays and musicals.
Jac slept out last night at jared’s. It is quiet without him and I really miss him. It seems everyone misses little Jacaroo.
Well off to the gym to be beaten, and whipped in to shape by my trainer. Have a great day.

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