A perfect day………not a perfect storm

by Amy Cubbison on February 20th, 2010

i woke up today feeling a bit bummed from the drama yesterday and lack of sleep and did not feel to good but I ended up having a great day. A day so great that you want it to continue and never end, where you feel so blessed and lucky and you def. don’t want that to end. Anyways the big news of the day is that I got hair extentions….omg. I forgot how much fun long hair is and was. I am defintitely noticing an attention increase. The best news is that they look real , mainly because my hair is so thick and looks like the extentions hair. Fun new thing. Today we all loved on our puppy again and Kaylee said,”This puppy makes me smile everyday, ” and i said,”I agree.” I also say that about you Kaylee everday. I can’t remember if i wrote about this or not but the other day at Daisy meetings. Kaylee had told me how she loves being small now cuz all of the taller kids fight over carrying her around and treat her like a baby . hA. well I saw it in action today. I don’t remember that as much as everyone carrying me down the halls by my overalls, or guys pinching my hynie…..ha ha> So one story before I go night night. I went to Kaylee’s daisy meeting the other day and besides the fact that our puppy stole all of the spotlight, and I was warned from bringing him again, they had a policeman and a fireman. The fireman was talking about the safety and importance of putting up a smoke alarm and then my daugher shouted out,”We don’t have one anymore cuz my mommy would set it off when she burnt things and then my dadd ripped it out of the ceiling to shut it up. So now we don’t have one.” And I thought to myself Leave It to Beaver we will never be but going to bed early I got down pat.

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