Ouch and double ouch……

by Amy Cubbison on February 23rd, 2010

My foot is fractured…….yowza. The only time it feels ok is when I take a vacadin. I have a walking cast and crutches. First time in my life ever, not so bad since my nickname is Calamity. ha So I am chalking it up to a life lesson and experience. My trainer said we can work around it so it’s all good. William has bronchitues and now Kaylee and Jac are coughing. Those kids work me not sure when its real or if it’s memorex……………..Kaylee is taking care of me and say’s she feels so bad, and WIlls is being a doll. Jac is busy with his xbox, the love of his life. Gotta work compassion a bit. William told me yesterday that he told the girls at school, you can lock a guy up in the bathroom, with food water, and xbox and that is all they need. I said-until you turn thirteen then you will want a girl with you in there. Ha ha. He said he is not sure what else he can learn in sex ed since everyone knows it all………..aaaaaaaaaa yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa. I don’t think so but I am glad I don’t have to tell him about it. William is growing up so much, it is bitter sweet. Kaylee is def. acting like a almost six year older…………………..I feel that I need to check my spelling and grammar more on my blog but not now since I just took a vicadin. Probably will blog later since I will be around. So remember this don’t jump a three foot fence with highheel boots on no matter how cute you think you look. Ha . It was funny yesterday everywhere I went someone commented on my limp nad half of them saw me. William say’s “mom you know you are popular when you tell preson and ten call you right after that they heard. ” Ha. I said Some people love and some don’t, especially I think my new neighbors around here> They are not sure waht to think yet.

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