Still in bed

by Amy Cubbison on February 6th, 2010

I am laggin this morning. actually not lagging cuz I am being productive from my bed in the my babydoll, ha, but have not gotten t the gym yet. Kaylee is sitting with me, we are eating breakfast and watching guess?? Big suprise Disney. I love this time with my kids-in between typing we chat, kiss cuddle and tell eachother we love one another. Kaylee is in a much better mood since she got sleep last night. It is impossible to deal with a child when they are overtired and I am or vica versa. I am feeling super creative lately. I keep dreaming about ideas. I am going to start my book today, and do some other things to fill my soul up-like read interesting books/mags etc. Jac has soccer but I think or hope it is rained out> ha ha. I don’t like the rain or cold unless I am cozy at home or by someone’s fireplace. William had Conner sleep over and they are making so much noise downstairs. One of the downfalls of a smaller house. My maid is here and helping me organize my kitchen and home, which has been bugging me. I fell in love with two paintings at the coffee shop that say,”All you need is love, and then below,”Love is all you need.” I was destined to have them. That is what it is all about. Forgive me if I blogged about this with my Mommy memory or lack of. I imagine it is only going to happen more as I get older. Damn I should have used non acrylic paint on their hair for crazy hair day, that was a nightmare to get out, but we did. Another one of my famous or stupid last minute solving the situation the Amy way, or lazy way.
I did not get to see my brother last night so we are having a late lunch today early dinner. I have work to do, errands to run, and the gym to go to. My body is sore but feels good to know it is changing and working hard. Last night Michelle and I went to an old local Italian restaurant. We were cracking up. It was like the twilight zone. First this drunk part owner bought us a very expensive, delicious bottle of wine. Then he kept doing magic tricks for us that made no sense whatsoever. There was a strange lady next to us, who kept on staring at us, pointing and talking about us. She walked by me to go to the bathroom and I smiled, then she ignored me, and asked my friend if I was a lesbian. Ha ha. Then the very funny but entertaining piano player came to play. He was singing and staring away at us. THis elderly lady joined him to sing Boccelie. Afterwards I went up to her to give her some love and tell her how great her voice was. I said,’Did you use to be an opera singer?” Well I don’t think she liked that comment because she said,”I still am!” Darn it, I hate when I am trying to be so nice and I don’t phrase something right ..uggghhhhhhh. It gets me in trouble. Thanks Dad for passing that lovely gene on to me.

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