can anyone take a joke? ha

by Amy Cubbison on March 8th, 2010

I am just saying that because when I put dog for sale, I had several inquiries about how I could do that. I was completely joking. I can’t sell or give anything I love, especially alive. Anyways he is still being a bit of a terror. He ripped part of my carpet up, has eaten half of my plants.
So recap, I am exhausted again. I had a busy week with entertaining and work, and then had another dinner party the night before we had to go to show which was growing rapidly as I had more vino. I kept inviting everyone I spoke to that night. It was great fun and very nice to see some friend’s I had lost touch with. Then I went to the Oscar gifting suite giveaway which is always fun and exciting but tiring as well. We returned that night late and then the next day I had errands to run, things to do and a Oscar party to attend. I hit my max. I went to bed at nine before the Oscar’s even ended and then today have mommy mush brain and turtle memory or no memory. I can really feel it. So this week, staying in and also not entertaining or drinking every night. I need to cleanse my body and get my mind completely healthy. I have a lot on my mind and on my plate and the responsibilities I have are being effected.
Yesterday michelle and I went to see the movie “the LAst Station.” My mother recommended it. I now know why. It was a touching love story about the author who wrote Anna Karina. I had a lump in my throat the entire movie and was crying so hard that I was hiccuping. It was very touching but made me think a lot and fear some things that are inevitable.
When I am not as tired I will try and recap some of the funny things that happened during the show and or interesting stories that happened, or stars we met but that will have to follow after my promised Hannah montana story. For example when I went up to Chloris leachman and told her I loved her famous line about happy hour somewhere in the world, in Spanglish and she yelled at me saying that was not accurate. Then I found out she is going a bit senile. I think I am getting thicker skin cuz my feelings were not hurt one time yesterday and such possitive feedback. The iron chef was as happy to meet me as I was to meet him. Very cool.Tonight is family bonding night and just a syncing in. Ha ha.
Kaylee told me to please turn off Lady Gaga, cuz the song is ringing in her ears and head all day and won’t go away. I love the way she expressed herself. I also got some strawberries for the kids today and when they ate them Kaylee said,” Strawberries are the language of love.” Oh and speaking of the language of love, William told me that he looked at girls in bikinis on line, and wanted my forgiveness. I told him that is totally natural and okay. he was relieved. His teacher had nothing to say but nice things about him as well as Jac’s. I see how Jac being the middle child gets a bit neglected sometimes and how I need to really focus on that not happening……….Night, night.

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