Dog for sale……..or rent…….and lagging blogger……..

by Amy Cubbison on March 2nd, 2010

I admit it my dog is tiring me out. He wants to play twenty four seven as well as is constantly chewing my nice boots, my hair, and eating things that he can choke on. I really do love him and we all enjoy him but I admit I forgot how much work it is. Anyways the other night he got out and was running in the street and we wcould not catch him. It took five of us. Dyane said I looked like Bridgette Bardeaux running with my long hair and highheels and could not catch him for the life of me. It was comical and more data for my new reality show,”Who’s that girl??” that is what Dyane thought up for me. I think I will make it the name of my book as well. Yesterday I let my lovely neighbor and friend take Bailey, or should I say she helped me out, I even gave her my Gucci tote to bring him around. I find myself calling him Molly, and a girl but that should adjust in time.. So much has happened and so many memories I want to blog about but I am going to try and keep it simple and hopefully I can remember them all one at a time. So I guess I will start with this past weekend. Ashleigh told me she was getting married three days before she did it. Well it so happened I had planned a dinner party that evening and they are so hard to schedule so i did not want to cancel it. Anyways so I tried to find someone to venture up to Fallbrook with me, as I am afraid of the unknown. No such luck so Kaylee and I had to tough it out. Well I tried to use my navigation and by accidently put in the wrong information and that did not help. It talked to me the entire drive up there saying,”Take a uturn as soon as safe.” I could not turn the fricken thing off. Then it would shout directions out and follow them with another uturn. It was like a bad sitcom. So we were on the way and I started seeing signs for fallbrookand so we got off the freeway, if you can call it that. ha. jk. I was looking for someone to ask and there was nobody in site. I panicked and started calling every guy friend I have, cuz men are better at telling us directions right? Lord knows they don’t ask…….ha ha. Anyways nobody was answering until my girl Stacy called me back and saved My a**……..She looked up address and stayed on phone with me and until I found it and then sent me directions home. Love ya sister. when I feel blessed she is one of the people in my life I feel blessed with. oh and you too charlene,,,always. xo. Love ya……….So made it to the wedding and showed up late but it was just starting. I think we stood out like a sore thumb in Fallbrook with my highheeled boots, puppy in gucci bag and the usual. I was so surprised how put together this was and how special the ceremony was. Ashleigh looked beautiful and they both looked so in love and content. It was sweet. Congratulations Ash and Zach. Then we rushed out of there and managed to go to the grocery store get home by four and cook up a wonderful dinner. You know I work well on adrenaline. It was very fun for me to entertain and set up the table nice for people I care about. Everyone was in good spirits and I was filled with joy. The feedback was very nice and eveyrone loved the food. Now I got the flava for doing my dinner parties again. I am much more in to doing dinner parties than going out to the same, dumb bars. So it was nice to have a nice night, but I have to tell you about the horrid twenty four hours prior to that. Also did I write about our trip to see Mileey????

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