by Amy Cubbison on March 27th, 2010

This cold is still lingering a bit. Now it has one around the family a bit. Being not one hundred percent really makes me appreciate my vibrancy and health. I am sleeping better though and that always helps. So yesterday I stayed in bed most of the day except to go to my friend Jen’s bday luncheon. It was really nice to see her and all of her friends. I can’t believe I have known her for elleven and a half years. It was a beautiful day and I felt a spark of the person that I usually am who loves life, and loves everyone. Just a spark.
So the kids came back from the Nickelodeon show and they had fun. They were excited. Kaylee was a bit upset some of the celebs did not spend more time with her. I am glad that they got to see what events I go to and what the experience is like. William said so many people asked for me and that they said wonderful things about my company and my tshirts and he was proud to be my son…….awwww………..Kaylee told me in the olden days they were not allowed to talk to boys. They had a fan and if they liked the boy they would put it on the left side of their face, and if they did not like them they would put on the right Side. If only things were that simple……………………Kaylee;s last soccer game is tomorrow. I am sure she is really upset. She keeps whining about it and says that she gets bored and hungry out there on the field. I guess I can cross that off her list. I think we are going to hold Kaylee back in kindergarden. I think it is wise as her teacher does and than she will have an edge in school and can have fun and relax, in this uptight, competative world. jac has soccer today and tomorrow and is raring to go as usual………….We will be there cheering……………..In reference to my extentions, well I am afriad to say that I think the day I get rid of them may be a blessing like when one buys a boat. They are a pain in the wazoo.. I mean its enough just to keep up the maintenance of regular full hair. need to go more natural………….not to much thought………………………we have named the dog or our dog, The tazmanian devil.’ Need to crate him. He was bugging me so much the other day that I had a flash where I felt apathetic towards him. Actually I have had that for a few this week and that is a very non familiar feeling for me.I guess I always say that I want to be less feeling but when I feel that it is a lonely not a good feeling so I will take all my emotions and love………..

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