Business is Up!!!!!!!!!!

by Amy Cubbison on April 17th, 2010

Very happy to announce that my new site and my new organization are doing well. The statistics are exciting to read. Anyways, today Kaylee, Dyane and Marina and I are doing chick stuff, nails, lunch, shop. It was really nice to stay in the past few nights and just be with my kids. I am so not in the mood to go out for while. My sister Judy is in town and tonight our family is going out to for a steak dinner. yea!!! My favorite. That does not count as going but I love to go with my family for a nice dinner and then hit the bed with a full tummy and some lovin from my babies.
Yesterday was Kaylee’s daisy meeting and I found myself somewhat useful this meeting for a change. I even had some little conversations with some of the moms that are always there and always organized. The most important thing is me being there for kaylee and the smiles it brings to her face. Now gotta get my booty in to the boys classrooms before summer, to pay my dues. The other day i chose to stay at lunch instead of volunteer-not a good mother did that make.
Oh William left me a message again that he visited that naked website with girls in bikini’s on. He confesses and then say’s “Okay mama, that is it, I love you.’ I am like his priest………..God bless that lil boy………………Yes simplicity in my life feels good this week, and dealing directly with all my fears and noticing the little things. Also not feeling so bad and sad for others and feeling responsible for my happiness and my children’s.

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