Bad dreams

by Amy Cubbison on May 29th, 2010

I had one of my worst dreams ever. It was the same recurring dream with different people and situations but…………it is basically a dream where everyone is cold to me, or upset with me and I am just lookin for some love and it is not happening. It is a very lonely dream. So anyways it is nice to wake up and see that dream was not real. I can handle some disrupt and some falling out with people, one at a time, and we work through it. I am defnitely growing and changing within myself and how I deal with others. I also am really liking being healthy and going to bed early again. I feel so much better emotionally and physically. Speaking of physically, my lower back has still been aching. I have not been to the gym in two days, which is abnormal for me. Today it feels a bit better and I hope it continues. I am going to do an easy workout.
Kaylee just came up to me and handed me a beautiful get well card. So flipin sweet. She is an angel. Today I am taking the kids to the musical “The Sound Of Music.” They are excited.I am happy that I get to subject them to this type of culture. Very important to me, more so than a lot of other things they do at school, that others value. I do have to admit that their school is wonderful at exposing them to the arts and building each kids character. So as I said everyday at school is a special day. I don’t mean to knock it but I am serious, if you read, saw, or heard what a parent needs to do, prepare for, go to, at school these days for three kids in three separate classes you would fall over. We all sort of make a mockery of it because it is a bit ridiculous. I love the school, I love the teachers, and everything about it but sometimes I just wish they could slow down on the parent/child acitivity!!! I love when I meet a mother that feels the same way as I do. The other night was open house, (example) and I took the kids to it. They were so proud to show me all of their amazing art projects, which really are amazing. It was sweet but I felt nervous walking around because I get all of the moms and kids mixed up and who goes with whom. I can’t remember names and that makes me feel terrible. It is a bit uncomfortable. … next year I will volunteer more and try harder. I do have the moms that I know and like a lot but they are few and far between. All I know is i lOve my babies with all of my heart!!!!!!!
Yesterday was grandparents day (do you get my case now?) and my parents went to see their play, and projects. My mother said they really enjoyed it and my father was even calling out for jac on the stage. He has a soft spot for jac. My mother was particularly happy when William ran up to her and hugged her out of the blue. That boy is growing up to be the most amazing young man. He is a renesaince man.
Something cute the other day William confessed to me he has five girls at school who like him, and he emails them all. Then he said he likes one girl in particular with a huge smile on his face. Then I said,”Awww.” and he said I can’t say awe, I can say cool, when he talks about them. Then he told me Jac likes someone and they started bickering and ofcourse Kaylee likes six boys in her class…………once again the apple does not fall far from the tree.
The other night I had a flashback from my childhood. The neighbors kids jumped over our fence in the backyard and about ten kids were playing in the back. It was dusk and the smiles on their faces and the laughs that were rolling out of their mouths, were priceless. I loved playing in the neighborhood all summer long in the evening. Too bad everyone is so paranoid now.
So a Bailey story and then I gotta get my booty to the gym. Bailey who will go to great lengths to get to steak or sausage did it again. I was at the McDonalds drive through and he smelt sausage and was barking for it, and then next thing I knew was he took a flying leap through the window to the counter.The lady caught him luckily but it was hilarious………That dog!! Never a dull moment.Obediant school here we come.

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