Ey Ey yee……………or however Ricky Ricardo spelled it

by Amy Cubbison on June 8th, 2010

Drama around me,some of it my cause and others not so sure how i could have avoided it. Anyways it is what I have been focussing on and that is not what I need. Last night I cuddled with kaylee and watched a Disney movie in bed, after we took a bath and got in our pj’s. I am always soooo happy and content to that.I feel much better when I stay home at night these days. Still sizing up a few business opportunities but I have let go of some of the fear and fear of failure. I just walk around life amazed at how people get so in to others lives to judge them. The only time I get involved is when I am afraid someone is going to get hurt and or sad……….but I am letting this go with all my destructive behavior because I am taking on way more resonsibility than I should and It never works anyways. People including myself have to face the normal repurcutions of our actions and life.
Funny stuff……kaylee the lil character is continuing to be funny as heck but her attitude needs to be shrunken. ha. She picks out her clothes everyday and thank God I use to let her wear her crazy stuff cuz now, she picks the cutest most fashionable outfits. She wears hats, glasses, jewelry with so much attitude. She wears my jewlery. I am going to have to hide it. The other day Michelle, her daughter Bella and I went to lunch and then we did a bit of shopping(keep me out!!) She was like a three yr older professional shopper looking, trying on and in deep concentration. She found stuff ofcourse and they were adorable. She is really working me these days in fact. She say’s she doesn’t feel good in the morning and then she says’ “So were we going on Mommy Kaylee day?” She is miraculously cured. Oh well first grade is serious so no more of that. I really enjoy hanging out with on of my kids at a time (I am like Rainman repeating that) ha. Kaylee had verbal diarea yesterday and talked the entire day. So much I had to start tuning her out. For some reason her last birthday and her next birthday were a huge topic of conversation. She kept on calling the guests customers. Ha ha. She told Neil that Marina told her that she never wants to get married cuz she heard something gross that boys put their units in to girls twee twees when they are married and she wants nothing to do with that. Ha ha. Then she told me yesterday ther reason she was whining all day was because she does not get enough sleep. The reason for that is when she gets in bed her mind just wants to go to sleep but her body wants to play play play.-oh and talk talk talk. All day I asked Wills to bring his homework to me and then he waits until eight thirty and I say’Forget it, its too late.” I have one eye open and one eye closed.
Jac is back on soccer and happy. He told me he can’t have a sick day unless he is really sick cuz somebody saw him in starbucks when he was home sick playing. ??????? People need more to do as to not judge.
Feeling like I want to fix up the house and have a summer party. I started the huge task of going through my closet and donating, sharing and keeping. What a fiasco and now I can cloth Zimbabway.
I am feeling the need to connect with long time friends and friends I lost touch with very badly. Yesterday I was with CYnthia again, and today lunch with Hadley. Trust, uncondional love and acceptance are there and it is good for the soul.

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