by Amy Cubbison on June 15th, 2010

GOod morning………..four days and counting until SUMMER!!! Today Jac’s class is going bowling, tomorrow wills class is going paintballing and friday Kaylee’s class is putting on a show and a party. I will attend that. Tonight in Del Mar is the first concert at the beach for the summer. I am debating whether to go or not pending on a few things. One I have a mamogram at two thirty to check out a lump, which I am nervous about. Two I hate the traffic and crowds in del Mar but enjoy the venue. It does get so crowded it’s hard to find your children which is another point.
William just came in and showed me his World War 2 poster. I am so impressed with how good it is. I never did school projects that well. It is nice to see my kids excel in areas where I lacked or lack. There are quite a few. I have been reminissing about when my babies were younger and how much I did for them and cared for them.
I keep laughing and or crying because I think about why I got our puppy and what I envisioned ie; a cuddly baby cute puppy sitting with me on my lap while I watched tv and or relaxed. Well as you know from my blog, that is not the case. So now I am checking in to how to deal with over active, crazy, hyper puppies. So far I am thinking ADD medication, seriously and getting him nootured so he does not hump everyone of Kaylee’s stuffed animals all day, in between chewing up my gucci wallet and or purses.
I forgot to get milk yesterday so kaylee just came in eating tortilla chips for breakfast. I was thinking if others saw this what would they think and or say, then I thought I love tortilla chips in the morning, and who cares-its once in a great while, and a diversion from rules rules rules.
William and I had a great talk yesterday. He talks to me about everything which is good but hard sometimes when he is worried or not happy. He was telling me about his sex ed. that just ended and how he now knows everything. I asked him what and he said,’Womans ovulation and periods.” He said he is so happy he does not get periods. Then he was happy to see it is normal and healthy for him to be curious about beautiful woman and look at Victoria Secret catalog. ha ha. Then since he has been taking showers three times a day, I tried to segway in to masturbation and he had no idea what I was talking about. I even hinted and he had no clue………so I guess he is still innocent to that thank God!!!!
Gotta take kidlets to school ……can’t wait for no schedule!!! Planning some fun trips this summer. Next week we may go up to Laguana and stay at a hotel with a big waterslide……….fun!!! Nice to get away from san diego.

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