Mommy I am bored

by Amy Cubbison on July 14th, 2010

Summertime boredom with the kids and a pmsing Mom don’t work well together. I am sounding ungreatful because the sun is finally out and it has been beautiful. That will definitely help with the kids bordom. Why by the way I am reminded of every summer why I should not do more camps? I need to look back at my blog and see if I have said this the past four summers. At any rate it seems once we get it all smooth and balanced, with playdates, solo time, family time, and vacation time……..then it is back to school time. The problem is that their expectations are so high. One playdate a day is not enough unless it lasts for twenty four hours. Anyways, I still love having no schedule or having them to take to school in the morning. Some days are better than others but I am having a hard time when they wake up and say they are bored ten minutes later. Ofcourse me being the people pleasure and always trying and failing with them get’s frustrating. I need to remember that it is not my job to make them happy and entertained every minute. as my friend Cruise director on the LoveBoat. ha ha. Thanks Robin for that. Anyways, I just need to separate my fears and emotions from being a mom in charge of my children. I do know i have been pretty adamant about them cleaning up after themselves over and over. I am like a broken record but it is sort of working. They are so surprised and keep saying to me,’You are changing.” They no likie. Ha. Then when I am nice they are happy to see it. Making up for lots of lost time. It is ten times harder now……please learn from me.

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