by Amy Cubbison on August 22nd, 2010

Kaylee and I are sitting in my bed watching none other than the Disney Channel. I need to buy stock in that company. Eating breakfast and switching between my Facebook and
She just said to me,”Mommy remember we watched that movie about Amelia Erheart? Well I learned about her the other day and she was the first woman to fly a plane, the first to cross the Atlantic, and she died a tragic death when her plane ran out of gas.” Isn’t that sad? I was very impressed by my little girl. She is growing and changing before my eyes. I said to her “Don’t you love to learn/” and she replied,’OMG yes.”
OUr trip to the races was fun-to fun. By the time we finished Dyane and I were a few sheets to the wind. Then we went downtown, to Michelle’s bday party and Calamity jane tripped at the entrance and they would not let me in. I mean I was very buzzed but would have been fine. So Michelle, as you can see why, was very disapointed in me. I felt terrible and sort of ruined everyone’s night. I have never had that happen ever. I looked at what I could have done different and I should have not gone to the races. I did this last year for my friends bday. The races in the afternoon and then an evening event is to much unless you drink water, and diet red bull. I should have stuck with my no to Dyane and not tried to please everyone.
We got a ticket for not having a license for our dog. Hmm I wonder who called us out? ha.
Anyways off to yoga, gonna hang with the kids then may hit the afternoon races with longtime friend Hadley……..only to be home for dinner and early bed. School night.

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