by Amy Cubbison on September 23rd, 2010

These days are up and down……….mainly because of all the big decisions and changes in my life but longing for stability in all ways. I have been praying a lot. For a lot of people and myself, now…..and ofcourse always the best part of my life, my children…..
Today Kaylee had her six year check up. She is now four percentile in height. The doctor say’s she is very muscular and will outgrow her lil baby body soon. I believe this will all my heart but we did all agree she needs to cutdown on all of her sweets. She is a fellow chocoholic. I am a saltaholic………Anyways her tests all came back possitive. She had a flu/swine vaccine that she took in her nose. She was not happy about that. She thought it would be much better than the shot. Not so at all.
William wants to ask someone to the dance. He is so cute. He got his braces on and is being okay. A little bit complaining……..but not as bad as I thought. He lays out his clothes each night for school…… cute.
Jac is a love. He is soccer crazy. Does not have much interest in girls ……yet.
Kaylee keeps talking to me and starring at herself in the mirror……..funny.
Had a great meeting with Charlene toda and excited about and the future. That is when I feel filled up-when I focus on my kids, home and my biz…….More to say but tired. Night.

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