by Amy Cubbison on October 20th, 2010

Loco………….I am crazy but you like it. That is the name of Shakira’s new song. I have been called good crazy many times. The other day my friend Allesandro at Vigilucci said he loves me because Italian people love crazy people. I always thought I should have lived there. I am Italian all of the way. I don’t have any italian in me, or have had any …ha ha. but……….So we made it to the desert driving through hellish rain, and sleet. We had to pull over a few times. It was scary but an adventure to the children. They get so happy just at the thought of going on vacation. TOday it is sunny and we are all excited and looking forward to hanging around the pool. I need the vitamin D to make me feel better. I love the rain when I am home and have someone to cuddle with other than my kids……but that is nice as well. Anyways we are welcoming the sunshine. My boys go ballistic staying in the room, and beat one another up all day. Later Kaylee and I are going to get a mannicure.
Last night she wore her black high boots with a dress. She was so cute and dressed just like me. She had a lil attitude that went with it and I kept on saying if you are not sweet and kind on the inside it does not matter what you look like.
Last night the kids had a big debate about where we were going to eat dinner. Finally after an hour I said,”This is not a debate or a democracy-it is authoritarian and adults make the decision. ” Damn I love that new rule that should have been an old rule and saved me so much strife………I am going to write down all of the lessons that I have learned and things I have changed this past year……..Lessons that have been around but I was too preoccupied to notice. So through a lot of pain there is a lot of gain.
William is so preteen…….I promised him I would not blog about him or say any of the things he tells me so…..but let’s just say he is changing and growing before my eyes. I am trying really hard not to smile when he confides in me. He is so in to the way he looks and dresses. Last night Jac and Wills looked so handsome for dinner.
It is nice to be away in a change of scenery. I am going to relish in the moment and enjoy it. I am enjoying my kids a lot these days. As me after the two week vacation ends. Everyone thinks I am crazy or wrong when I tell them kids are on Fall break for two weeks, already.
Looking forward to my bday and especially my mother’s 80th bday party when all of the family comes to town. Some special times ahead, so that is nice to look forward to.
When I picked up Wills from sixth grade camp, it brought up a memory from my camp in sixth grade, Everyone had duffle bags and I brought this huge, white designer suitcase. People teased me the entire time. Oh and that is when I had to stop sucking my thumb, at twelve because of all of the kids and fearing they would see me. ha ha

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