by Amy Cubbison on October 14th, 2010

I know regrets are useless unless they really make a person change because the regret is so strong but…………..I feel that this past year I do have many regrets. In fact I am going to write them down, so I can look at them, as to concrete them in to my mind……..The couple of sayings that stand in my memory banks, is if it seems to good to be true it is, You don’t truly know someone until you spend a lot of time with them and even have a disagreement, I do not and will not say I love you so easily again, and I will continue to compliment but make certain as I have that I mean every word. I am in a thinking mood tonight. I have had a nice day but my thoughts are swirling around in my head from sadness, to joy, and to some anger.
I guess this is called processing or cycling. Anyways it was a fall day, and we stayed in most of it. Kaylee and I are baking a cake for her Halloween party at school tomorrow. She is dressing up as a vampire princess. Hmmm. She asked me what I am going to be and I replied,”Prob the usual, a go go dancer. Kaylee is patiently waiting for me to go downstairs and finish so I will have to make it brief……Funny comments with Kaylee today include that “every human in our house has a cell phone except her.” Six ??? Then she told me she is making a Christmas list for Bailey. ha ha. Funny how some of her toys on his list. I love this time of year, it is all about Santa and being good.
William comes home tomorrow. Yea!! I am so excited to see him. Jac said it is so quiet without William but he misses him so. I do to…..I have a lump in my throat. Today my thoughts were enjoy each and every day, and don’t waste anytime.
I took Jac to the doctors because he is still coughing. They think he has some asthma still. They gave him an inhaler. I feel better about his cough now. Being back in that office was very sentimental to me, and kept reminding me of when they were babies. Its like the first three years are a blur and you blink and they are gone…….but each day seems tedious and wonderful in it’s own way. Anyways spending time with Jac again solo, has been super nice. He is getting nicely attached again. I scored buying him an England soccer jersey and cap. Bloody expensive thing they were. He is still saying he did not get many presents, which he did not because he did not have a big party. Atleast William stopped talking about the lack of on his bday.
Jac held open the door for several ladies today and I congratulated him. He said that often he does it and nobody thanks him. I told him to keep on doing it because it is so polite, and classy. He also was saying pardon me, and excuse me today and I said,”YOu are a real gentleman with manners.” He said,”You taught me Mom.” Awee………….Yesterday I babysat Nichole’s three year old son. He is so darn cute but was such a handful. I will write about it tomorrow and the funny experience as well as some other things……..night.

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