by Amy Cubbison on October 3rd, 2010

This is the third time I am adding an entry…………I am so irritated………and now my creative flow has been blocked……ha. No sense crying over spilt milk…..unless you are like me and spill daily. Anyways off to Jackie, my niece’s baby shower……then probably to watch some football since I am the biggest football fan ever……ha.
Kaylee found a potato chip naturally shaped like a heart. She handed it to me and said “I love you Mommy.’
Yesteday we went to Theresa’s puppy bday party.
Anyways feeling very creative lately and having many memories surface….especially when I see my kids do or go through something. Neil Cut William’s hair and he hates it. Life is over as he knows it. I remembered all of the bad haircuts I have had and how I felt like that. The worst was when my Daddy took my ponytail and just chopped it off. My hair was so uneven…….I had to go to school like that. William is so cute and so in to the way he looks. I took him shopping yesterday and he got a good phone, and was texting uhmm girls all day, with conner. Then he wanted to go shopping, and I bought him five shirts, and he was very upset he could not find bottoms to go with . Last year he wore the same outfit all week long. See more life lessons that are taught naturally by repurcussions………I am seeing it daily and all I can say is if works much better than me nagging……………..Sat this morning and had my coffee in my lil sacred spot. If I told you where it was you would laugh. I was so in the moment and noticing everything around me. There were crows in the trees, doing a mating dance. Then a cute lil mexican guy walked by singing a love song….he still seemed drunk. ha. I am going to stop and do this more often and just appreciate the moments and everything around me.

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