Idle minds

by Amy Cubbison on December 28th, 2010

Idle minds……..Or whatever that quote is about idle minds not being good well………..I have an idle mind and I agree……….I always complain about the kids fighting, especially William and Jac. It is constant. Well the past few days they have been on playdates and oh my how quiet the house has been. I missed the fighting and the kids so much. William is so busy with his social life that I miss him terribly. I am happy for him though.
Right now Sofia is over and jac and Sofia are playing house. It is so cute to hear their conversations and role playing.
I am trying to book up my next few weeks with lunch dates etc. so i dont’ get to bored without a car. I took Bailey on a long walk today and I am going to do that daily and make it part of my routine. He has to christian each pole and tree which drives me bonkers but I just yank him until he sees who is the boss. 🙂
Tough love, that is me……ha ha.
I am still pmsing and it has been a bad long one. Argh!! So instead of being irritated with a lot of people for one day, it has been more like one week.
Seriously I forever changed from this accident and I lossed some innocence. It sounds so cliche but I will not and do not trust as easily or freely as I once did. It is a lonely feeling to me……………….Just gotta keep on truckin!!! going to go on a bike ride with the kids and then we are taking them all down to the beach………… they say………..You never know what you had or thought you had until you acquire more problems………………….so be grateful on what few problems you have before God gives you more…………or you give yourself more

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