Better late than never

by Amy Cubbison on February 5th, 2011

Better late than never……..No actually we have had some more serious family things happening. Neil has and still is in ICU. He had pneumonia, a lung infection and an asthma infection. All happened due to him not tending to his asthma illness and not taking the antibiotics prescribed. Well that was a lesson to all of us. It was tragic that the children had to have two parents in less than three month both in ICU and in life threatening situations.
Anyways lots to write about good, interesting, touching and sad but now after all this stress, I have a fricken cold..
I am trying to rest up as our friends are having a SuperBowl party tomorrow and I am demanded to attend-since I invite most of the people. So I am laying low, not that I lay high these days, but not moving from my bed.
Other than Neil being sick, the kids are well. I have been feeling good and excited about the future. My father and mother’s health is good, I have great friends, I am being a great mom and able to take care of all of their needs, I am healthy, I feel fit and attractive again, I am making my home cuter and keeping it neat, I am stimulating my mind and some other parts of myself :). ha ha. I am feeding my soul. I am beginning to love again easier but smarter. I felt like I was numb from that for a while. My faith is much stronger and I feel God’s presence. I know I am worthwhile as a person, mother and friend. I dont’ take mean words to heart so much because I know it is about the other person, I am relinquishing control in all areas and people. I am expressing my boundries and trying to respect others. I have learned a lot in the past few months and the past couple of years was not in vain. I am much stronger than I realized or believed and that feels great!!!!

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