by Amy Cubbison on February 8th, 2011

Hello…………The thoughts, memories, and ideas that have gone through my mind and slipped out the other side so hopefully some of them will resurface. WEll let’s share some good news-Neil is home!!! He is going to be okay. I hate to be someone who speaks disaster after disaster but this past weekend, I had a pretty severe cold. The cold was so bad that everytime I coughed my schiatic it would kill!!! So I had a lovely, fun day of going to get a mamogram and then to the Orthopedic surgeon about my schiatic. Well I am happy to get the mamogram over with and hopefully that will ease one worry. The doctor at the pain clinic was super informative and nice. She comforted me and explained why a schiatic happens etc. She gave me pain pills and they are helping me for now. My pain was so bad that I was crying.
So let me think of some cute things to direct my thoughts away from any “bad” things. William told me a girl he asked to the dance had four people prior to respond to. Then he told me she accepted the jocks invitation. So thus William is interested in football. He will naturally be very good at football since he has such good genes, through Neil and myself…if I do say so myself. It is cute, to see his ongoings about being new on to the dating scene. I have to be super sensitive to what I can say and what I can’t and when I can say it. So it is pretty hard to read him.
Kaylee is so excited to go on her first field trip tomorrow. We went to the store, and picked out all of her favorite foods to pack. Maica introduced Kaylee to french baguettes which, she has been asking for. It is funny how I can introduce everything to my kids and they are not interested and then someone else does and voila.
Kaylee was writing in her diary and then she had a momental blank. So then she said,”Mommy I am pausing for a thought because they are slow to come, so I am going to rest until a new thought approaches.” Such cute comments
Anyways have plans tonight so gotta catch you tomorrow, and hopefully I can get back on track.

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