and so it continues

by Amy Cubbison on March 22nd, 2011

I am not sure if this is pms or what but I still have a bit of the blues……I am also missing an old friend whom I have lost touch with and have not seen in a while. I know things change, life changes but I am sentimental and genuinely miss people that I have had in my life. I feel sort of selfish and silly because I should be happy right now. I was good last week, this is just a sad week for me. I am just learning to sit through it and remember this to shall pass………….I am waiting for my friend Maria to come over for lunch and finalize some trademarks. I made a lovely beet salad with brussel sprouts…..anyways looking forward to seeing her. Kaylee said her tummy hurt today but I think she played it up cuz she did not want to do her share today but old softie let her stay home. I am enjoying the company since I can’t drive right now. I am so domesticated and cleaning and cooking like a maniac…….William took himself off facebook and gmail because he said there was too much drama……I found that really cute but then I felt for him and how much feeling and difficulty the teens can bring. We watched the movie the Fighter the other night and what a great movie but the dysfunction of the family was so upsetting to me. I also started worrying about Wiliam being around drugs in middle school…….One day at a time, and he needs me more than ever right now. He told me he saw my comment about orgasms on facebook and thought it was funny. what?? he knows about orgasms? When did this all happen? Anyways i love him dearly and want to be a support to him and hope that football and hobbies keep him occupied and out of trouble during his teens………..

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